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AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic

AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic

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AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic

AT&T Navigator: Maps, Traffic 描述

Beat traffic, discover local deals, find cheap gas price options easily, share your travel details, explore local places and more with AT&T Navigator.
No matter what the journey, navigate your way around traffic in real-time using AT&T Navigator, now powered by more than 100 million traffic sources; whether it’s your daily commute, shopping with friends or taking in local city attractions. Use AT&T Navigator to plan your trip with real-time traffic updates, GPS-enabled multi-route recommendations, one-touch traffic avoidance, commute times and more.
We’re making it easy to navigate when a GPS signal isn’t available with downloadable maps. When downloadable maps are active, this feature minimizes app data and battery usage. You can also easily share your journey from anywhere along your route with our Share ETA feature. Send your friends and family a temporary link displaying your ETA and a live map of your route so they get your travel details even before you arrive.
Powered with more than 142 million local reviews and ratings from Yelp and TripAdvisor, AT&T Navigator also lets you discover top local restaurants, best places for coffee and drinks, hotels and other recommendations. See what the Yelp and TripAdvisor communities have to say about shopping, restaurants, hotels, bars and nearby attractions. AT&T Navigator will be your trusted guide to help you explore your city with detailed maps and recommendations no matter if you want to eat, shop, drink or play.
New to AT&T Navigator? Try AT&T Navigator for free* for the first 30 days and enjoy a robust set of navigation features. Unless cancelled, at the end of the 30-day period your account will automatically be billed $9.99 per month. You may cancel at any time. See Subscription Cancellation & Changes for additional information.
A free**, limited features version of AT&T Navigator called Basic Maps is available after you download the AT&T Navigator app.
**Data & messaging rates may apply for app download & usage.
*First 30 days free for new subscribers only, otherwise $9.99/mo. Cancel w/in 30 days or you will be billed $9.99/mo. Cancel anytime at att.com/mobile purchases or call 800.331.0500 (or 611 from your mobile phone). Basic Maps option is avail. w/ no monthly subscription charge. Data & messaging rates may apply for app download & usage. Compatible phone w/elig. data plan req’d. Phone’s internal memory space is needed to use offline maps feature. App may use personal info, including location. Use governed by AT&T’s Privacy Policy found at att.com/privacy. AT&T is not responsible for any third party content and services including coupons. Participating merchants are solely responsible for the processing and redemption of coupons and related offers. Other charges & restr’s may apply. Visit http://att.com/navigator for additional terms & conditions.
You took the time to tell us what you love about AT&T Navigator, and what you want changed. We listened and made some updates. Let us know what you think. Send your comments to support@telenav.com, Subject: AT&T Navigator for Android.
We want to keep hearing what you love about the app and what we can do to make it even better for you.
技术与Yelp和到到网超过1.42亿本地评论和评级,AT&T Navigator中,您还可以探索当地的顶级餐厅,咖啡和饮料,酒店等建议最好的地方。看看Yelp和到到社区不得不说购物,餐饮,酒店,酒吧和附近的景点。 AT&T的导航将是您值得信赖的指南,以帮助您提供详细的地图和建议,无论您游览城市,如果你想吃,商店,喝水或玩耍。
免费**,有限的功能版本的AT&T Navigator中的所谓基本地图可你下载了AT&T的导航应用程序之后。
*免费提供,但新用户头30天,否则9.99美元/月。取消W / 30天,否则将收取费用9.99美元/月。在att.com/mobile购买随时取消或(从您的手机或611)致电800.331.0500。基本地图选项是无济于事。瓦特/没有月租费。数据及消息费率可能会申请应用程序下载和使用。兼容手机W / elig。数据计划req'd。手机的内部存储空间,需要使用离线地图功能。应用程序可以使用个人信息,包括位置。使用由AT&T的在att.com/privacy发现隐私政策的约束。 AT&T是不负责的任何第三方内容和服务,包括优惠券。参与商家自行负责优惠券和相关报价的处理和赎回。可申请其他费用及restr的。访问http://att.com/navigator额外的条款和条件。

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旅游出行 地图导航
Android 2.2.x 以上

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