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ShopBerry Grocery List

ShopBerry Grocery List

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ShopBerry Grocery List ShopBerry Grocery List ShopBerry Grocery List ShopBerry Grocery List ShopBerry Grocery List ShopBerry Grocery List ShopBerry Grocery List

ShopBerry Grocery List 描述

Colorful and smart grocery list app
It is a fine grocery app for managing your grocery lists and keeping them shared between all the android devices of your family.
Key Features:
* Real-time grocery lists sharing between all family members via SMS or Bluetooth.
* Bright products catalog of over 500+ built-in records with pictures. No need to spend valuable time for entering manually every product – just select from the predefined products and form a grocery list in seconds.
* Barcode scanner support for adding products to grocery list.
* Make your products recognizable: attach a custom picture to a product.
* Send a grocery list via email, SMS or any app which supports text messaging.
* Dashboard with grocery lists notes for easy list access
* ABC navigator for grocery list items and product catalog
* Grocery list Expiration Notification
* Colourful widgets on homescreen for your selected grocery lists
Find more about ShopBerry grocery list application at http://www.shopberryapp.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/shopberryapp
Visit ShopBerry at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ShopBerry/106021846156259
Enjoy our grocery list app, it is yet free and contains no adverts!
Keywords: grocery list, shopping list

ShopBerry Grocery List 更新内容

New in v2.0.5
• No more ads!
• Lollipop support

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ShopBerry Grocery List 信息

Android 4.0.2 以上

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