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LIFE Line Connect

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LIFE Line Connect LIFE Line Connect LIFE Line Connect LIFE Line Connect LIFE Line Connect LIFE Line Connect

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Description Stay globally connected with your team! More valuable communication, less time doing it! LIFEline is a one-stop, convenient way to keep your teams informed and up to date. Send the latest group recognition, upcoming promotions, events, even share a unique experience to everyone instantly. Save yourself countless calls, texts and emails and leverage this tool to maximize the value of the message you wish to communicate with your team members! FREE with a Subscription to the LIFE Training service, using your LIFE Member login credentials. Features: •Create messages to send to your team members •Listen to messages from your team members •Create personalized distribution lists for group-specific messages •Save favorite messages to Archives •Reply to messages with audio and/or text •Pass along important messages to the rest of your team members Please note: in order to gain access to this application, you must be a LIFE Training service Subscriber, and use your LIFE Member login credentials. Please view the LIFEline tutorial on your LIFE Training website for instructions on how to use this application. If you have questions or trouble, please email us at lifesupport@life-leadership-home.com.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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