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Looking for some new ways to compliment your special someone? Need a couple of go-to phrases that will make the heart melt? Maybe you just need to spice up your flirtation repertoire?
From the gang at Thistlebit Ltd., the makers of Cussbot™, comes Complibot: the compliments generator that will have your friends smiling from ear to ear.
With the shake of your mobile device or the touch of a finger, Complibot will serve up thousands of flattering remarks that will make you the envy of others.
Complibot presents a vast vocabulary designed to make a curmudgeon melt. Add your own word suggestions, or freeze words in place to fine-tune the perfect compliment.
Built-in compliment sharing, by copying to your device clipboard, allows you to quickly text or email a lovely compliment to that special someone. With Complibot making someone smile has never been so easy.
Get started mastering the art of praise, download Complibot today!
We love to receive your comments and suggestions. We appreciate and place high importance on each and every one. Your feedback is an essential part of our development process, and we are committed to delivering the best products on the market.
Please include your email so that we can directly address your correspondence effectively, alert you about upcoming releases, invite you to our closed beta programs or other events, and perhaps even send along special mystery prizes!
Our apps are YOUR apps, and we thank you for your participation!
Team Thistlebit
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Complibot 更新内容

TEXT TO SPEECH! The bot now talks! You asked for it, we did it.
Pitch meter for changing sound.
Design changes to layout of page. Including larger picture and larger words.
Buttons replaced with more simple interface.
Sharing functionality expanded.
Panoramic view is now enabled.
Complibot now behaves even better on extremely large and extremely small devices.
Plus a few bug fixes and optimizations.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play



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