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Evanova for EVE Online

Evanova for EVE Online

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Evanova for EVE Online Evanova for EVE Online Evanova for EVE Online Evanova for EVE Online Evanova for EVE Online Evanova for EVE Online

Evanova for EVE Online 描述

Evanova is the most complete and up to date Android application for managing your Eve Online characters or corporations and viewing Eve Online information.
- Updated regularly with every Eve Online patch.
- Complete information from your Eve Online characters or corporations, including skill training, mails, contracts, industry jobs, starbases and much more.
- Unlimited characters and corporations support.
- Easy API key installation from a wide variety of sources. Evanova will recognize keys you might already have installed on your device and will follow your API key access masks to display only information you want to provide.
- Manage your skill plans with full integration with EveMon.
- Notifications for the most important events from Eve Online.
- Route planning including jump ship planning.
- Up to date item database and market information.
- Server status and latest Eve Online news.
- Supports all device sizes and adapts seamlessly to your device's display.
- Many widgets available for display on your device's desktop.
- Free of ads, registration or such obstruction to your usage: only send your ISK donations in-game to "Evanova Android" if you want to express your appreciation. Monetary donations should go to a charity of your choice instead.
Please feel free to contact evanova.mobile@gmail.com, or "Evanova Android" in-game for support and reporting issues.
- 每在线前夕补丁定期更新。
- 从在线前夕人物或公司,包括技能培训,电子邮件,合同,就业行业,母星和更完整的信息。
- 无限的人物和企业的支持。
- 易API从各种来源键安装。 Evanova会识别你可能已经安装在你的设备上的按键和将遵循您的API密钥访问口罩,只显示你想要提供信息。
- 管理你的技能的计划与EveMon完全集成。
- 通知从在线前夕最重要的事件。
- 路线规划,包括跳槽计划。
- 截至目前项目数据库和市场信息。
- 服务器的状态和最新的在线前夕的消息。
- 支持所有设备的大小和无缝地适应设备的屏幕。
- 可用于设备的桌面上陈列着许多小部件。
- 免费广告,注册或梗阻等你的用法:只发送您的ISK捐款在游戏中“Evanova Android”的,如果你想表达你的感激。货币捐赠应该去您所选择的慈善机构来代替。
请随时联系evanova.mobile@gmail.com,或者“Evanova Android的”在游戏的支持和报告问题。

Evanova for EVE Online 更新内容

Version 33 - Updated for Citadel - 31 May 2016
* Fixed some skill attribute display issues.
Please note that a few Xiaomi or Lenovo devices will no longer work. This is a known issue with those devices that cannot be fixed in Evanova.

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Evanova for EVE Online 信息

Android 4.0 以上
Google Play

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