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BetBud - sports bet tracker BetBud - sports bet tracker BetBud - sports bet tracker BetBud - sports bet tracker BetBud - sports bet tracker BetBud - sports bet tracker

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The #1 Sports bet tracking app on Android and iPhone.
It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon, you have 13 college football bets going, you’re at the tailgate trying to enjoy some beers and talk with friends, but instead you’re constantly checking your phone for scores and cross referencing it to the scrappy spreadsheet printout in your pocket.
Stop being that guy – get a BetBud intervention!
You enter your picks into BetBud, it will track your picks for you in real time, and the best part is, as the games are going on, BetBud will send you notifications as your bet statuses change:
-Go from covering the spread to not covering (sad)
-Go from covering to covering by a good amount (happy)
-BetBud predicts a score above the total, and you have the Over (happy)
-You get an alert that you won (celebrate!)
Point is, you get the alerts - then you check your phone to see what BetBud is telling you. You can relax, enjoy the tailgate, or the date with your girlfriend, or the kid’s baseball game, no more score watching on your phone.
Ok, that’s cool (you know you want to download this), but it gets better:
When you open the app to look at your pending picks, it only takes seconds to be sad or happy. That’s because BetBud has a color scheme system so you can see how every bet is doing at a glance without having to examine each score.
You know when you are looking at the score and trying to do the math if a field goal is going to beat you… no more…BetBud shows you the “spread score”. For example, if you have Dallas -7.5 and the score is Dallas 17, Buffalo 3, the spread score is Dallas 17, Buffalo 10.5.
BetBud will also forecast the score total based on the current time and score, again, no more math in your head.
Do you know way too much about Excel from trying to write formulas for your betting history and trends. Sad. Instead, let BetBud do this stuff for you. Look at YOUR betting statistics over time from various perspectives using the BetBud stats charting screen. Top performing teams, breakdown of record by spread amount, teams you’ve had success fading, etc. – you can see how you’re doing from every angle.
BetBud is your betting bank statement. When you enter your picks, you also enter the risk amount. You can see the fluctuations in your balance over time or specific time ranges.
So why else do thousands of bettors like you love this app (not kidding, it’s viral):
•Bet spans: 1st Half, 2nd Half, Quarter, Period, 5 Inning bet tracking.
•Data export: Export your data (picks, bankroll, scores) to a spreadsheet.
•Bet labels: if you bet at multiple establishments, you can label your picks accordingly and filter your bankroll by these labels.
•Cross-sport parlays and teasers.
•Betting advice: See what picks the top BetBud users are tracking.
•Game Snapshot: You can visualize how you did throughout the game; how long were you winning; losing…
•Alert control: Set what sounds play for what kind of alert and how often.
•Track favorites: You don’t have to be a gambler; you can set your spread to zero and track your favorite team.
•Sports: All major and minor US sports including international soccer (does not include Golf or Tennis).
***Caveat: BetBud does not link to, support, or promote any online illegal gambling.
不再是那个家伙 - 获得BetBud干预!
从覆盖的传播 - 进入未覆盖(SAD)
- 你得到你赢了警报(庆祝!)
关键是,你得到的警示 - 那么你检查你的手机,看看有什么BetBud告诉你。你可以放松,享受挡板,或日期与你的女友,或孩子的棒球​​比赛,没有更多的分数看你的手机上。
你知道,当你在看比分,并试图做数学题,如果一个字段的目标是要打败你......没有更多... BetBud说明你的“传播得分”。举例来说,如果你有达拉斯-7.5场上比分达拉斯17日,水牛城3,传播比分是达拉斯17日,水牛城10.5。
难道你想要写公式的投注历史和趋势,了解太多有关Excel。伤心。相反,让BetBud做这个东西给你。看看你的投注统计上使用的BetBud统计图表屏不同角度的时间。表现最出色的球队,战绩由差量击穿,团队你已经成功褪色,等等 - 你可以看到你是如何从各个角度做。

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Android 3.0.x 以上

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