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Ultimate Spider Cycle

Ultimate Spider Cycle

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Ultimate Spider Cycle Ultimate Spider Cycle Ultimate Spider Cycle Ultimate Spider Cycle Ultimate Spider Cycle Ultimate Spider Cycle

Ultimate Spider Cycle 描述

In this game you control Spiderman is bike during high speed chase through busy New York streets. You need to collect the anti-venom and take it to his best friend Harry Osborne. The game is very demanding you need to react fast and get to know controls well. Many things happen at once or come close one after another. You need to avoid obstacles by shooting at them driving around them or jumping over them. Some segments of the road are under construction and have large holes in it. These chasms are just too big even for Spiderman to jump over them. That is when you need to press space-bar and shoot out net across because that is the only way to safely reach other side. Game is very fast very dynamic and driving is very risky because obstacles are combined with other elements some of which you need to collect: anti-venom serum point orbs tokens for bike upgrades battery packs and health boost. The screen turns into chaos very quickly and you need to find your way through all that mess.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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