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Best Wishes Lite Best Wishes Lite Best Wishes Lite Best Wishes Lite

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A valuable social utility to help you keep track of birthdays on Facebook.
If you have any issues with the application, please send an email to unchainedapps@gmail.com. Please don't leave a bad review until you give us a chance to resolve your issue. We have no way to respond to a comment you leave for the application.
Have you ever posted a birthday wish for a friend on Facebook and then not used Facebook for a few days? When you logged back into Facebook, had you missed another friend’s birthday?
It is easy to do and friends whose birthday you forgot can often feel slighted, because they can see your wall with your previous birthday wishes to your other friends.
Never let that situation happen again. Best Wishes Lite will retrieve your list of friends from Facebook, along with their birthdays to get you setup quickly. Then you can use Best Wishes Lite for reminders and you can even enable automation to have it post your birthday wishes for you!
Here are some of the features offered by Best Wishes:
* Automatic importing of friends birthday information from Facebook.
* Post notifications to remind you of birthdays occurring today.
* See complete list of birthdays for the next year in a neatly organized list with intelligent grouping.
* Automatically post birthday wishes to Facebook.
* Ability to specify time range when automated posts will occur.
* Ability to manually enter birthday information for friends that don’t share their birthday on Facebook.
* Widget for your homescreen that displays the upcoming birthdays.
The full version of Best Wishes allows for more customization. It includes these valuable features:
* Include or exclude friends quickly and easily.
* Editable pre-defined birthday wishes that are chosen randomly.
* Ability to specify custom birthday wish for each user.
* Backup and restore settings, wishes, and manual entries.

Best Wishes Lite 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Added ability to long press search results to manually enter birthday

- Optimized the manual birthday entry screens

- Added option to email logs to developer to help troubleshoot problems

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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