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Utubify - Spotify Music Videos下载

Utubify - Spotify Music Videos

Utubify - Spotify Music Videos

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Utubify - Spotify Music Videos 截图

Utubify - Spotify Music Videos Utubify - Spotify Music Videos Utubify - Spotify Music Videos Utubify - Spotify Music Videos Utubify - Spotify Music Videos

Utubify - Spotify Music Videos 描述

What happened to MTV? Where did all the music videos go?
We all agree that Spotify is a great way to access our favorite music, but what if you could also watch the music videos from those Spotify playlists?
With the Utubify Android app you can!
Just type in your Spotify user name and Utubify will give you the music videos of all songs in your published playlists. We think it’s pretty awesome when your Spotify playlist come to life and transforms into your own personal Music Video Channel. Have a go yourself and you’ll know what we’re talking about!
In addition of using your Spotify user or playlist, you can now Utubify directly on your favorite artist. By doing so you’ll get a mixed video playlist of songs not only from the artist you like, but also from other similar artists.
UTUBIFY REQUIRES LATEST ADOBE FLASH PLAYER (ver or later)! Don't forget to restart your phone after you have updated the flash player.
Player Controls
Double tap = play/pause
Swipe left = previous song
Swipe right = next song
Swipe up = opens settings window
Swipe down = loads an alternative music video for current song (change between the top 4 videos)
Fast forward/Rewind = press and hold "next"/"previous" button in the player.
To see all your Spotify playlists, simply swipe left somewhere in the playlist window. Remember that you will only see published playlists from your Spotify account (in your spotify-client, right-click on a playlist and then select publish).
Your feedback is very much appreciated, so please don't hesitate to contact us!
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Android 2.2.x 以上

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