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Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls

Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls

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Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls

Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls 描述

Vbuzzer allow you to make and receive VoIP calls with crystal clear voice, either FREE or at super low rates. Vbuzzer is a FREE calling app for Android phone. It runs on mobile 3G* networks or the phone's WiFi networks, it can also run in the background mode to keep VoIP alive at all time. To have the best VoIP call quality, please use headset attached to your Android phone.

. For users from middle east region while VOIP is difficult, please download Vbuzzer for Middle East Version.

. FREE VoIP Call: Vbuzzer-to-Vbuzzer voip calls are always free. Once you and your friends install and register on Vbuzzer, you can call each other for FREE. Just dial your friend's internal phone number (Each user can apply for a free Vbuzzer internal phone number) or Vbuzzer USA/Canada phone number. If not available, you can leave voice message, which will be sent to your friends' registered email address with Vbuzzer.

. SUPER LOW RATES calling to international phones: If your contacts are not on Vbuzzer network, you can still call them at Vbuzzer’s super low rates. After log on Vbuzzer and see the dial pad, just touch on “Contacts” button, you can call your friends worldwide directly from your phonebook.

. Receive phone calls: If you subscribe to Vbuzzer Canada/USA phone number, you could receive phone calls on your Android phone, either over 3G* or WiFi. Features: Unlimited incoming calls, Voicemail (to be sent to your registered email address), Call Forward, and Call Display.

* Mobile operator data charges may apply.

Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls

- Free calls require both parties to be on mobile 3G or WiFi
- Vbuzzer requires Android phone OS version 2.1 or above.
- The software is based on the open project http://sipdroid.org/.
- Visit www.vbuzzer.com/andriod for more details.

If you have any questions or feedbacks, please contact us support3@softroute.net

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Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls 更新内容


Two features added to our android softphone software:

1. Add VPN on/off

2. Ability to adjust voice volume

Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls 历史版本

Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls 使用技巧

Vbuzzer VoIP Free Calls 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上
Softroute Corp

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