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YOU NEED A ROOTED PHONE TO USE THIS APPLICATIONQuick FAQQ: I39;m just wondering why you included the quot;created by droiddreamkillerquot;A: This string was added so that if you look at this file, say three weeks from now, and see this string, you will know that this file was here because DDK created it, not the malware. Q: See my double post this is malware ... I did not submit any reviewA: Shawn, for future reference: there are other people whose name is Shawn. Sometimes, they, too, write reviews. Thanks for the one star review, though.Q: Doesn39;t work on my phone, running exotic ROM xxx and very rare kernel 1.2.3 should I rate this app with one star for not working?A: I would really appreciate it if you didn39;t. Contact me instead and we will see if we can figure out what incompatibilities your phone has.DescriptionThis app was quickly put together to allow you to create a file on your phone that will act as a quot;stop filequot;If the DroidDream malware finds this file on your phone, it will decide not to infect it.This is accurate as of 030211 and there is no guarantee that this particular piece of malware or another one will not change their behavior and start ignoring this file.For more information on the malware and this patch, please read this thread @ XDA Developers: http:forum.xdadevelopers.comshowthread.php?t977154Note: if the application report any error when running on your device, please report the error.Note: application icon is CClicensed: http:www.openclipart.orgdetail28414Note: use at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any problem that may result from the use or lack of use of this application.

你需要一个根深蒂固的电话使用这个applicationquick faqq:我只是想知道你为什么包括;quot;由droiddreamkillerquot;一:这个字符串被添加,如果你看一下这个文件,说从现在开始三周,看看这个字符串,你会知道这个文件是因为这里DDK创造了它,而不是恶意软件。问:这是我的双柱的恶意软件我没有提交任何相关:肖恩,作为未来参考:还有其他人的名字是肖恩。有时,他们,也,写评论。谢谢你的星评价虽然。问:doesn39在我的手机上运行工作异国情调的ROM XXX,非常罕见的内核1.2.3我应该这个应用程序不工作的一个明星吗?答:如果你didn39我将非常感激T.接触我去看看我们能不能找到不兼容的手机应用程序has.descriptionthis迅速被放在一起你创建你的手机,将作为一个文件停止filequot如果DroidDream恶意软件发现此文件在您的手机它将决定不感染。这是正确的,030211是没有保证这个特定的恶意软件或另一个不会改变他们的行为,开始忽略这个文件恶意软件和补丁的更多信息,请阅读此线程XDA开发商:HTTPforum.xdadevelopers.comshowthread.phpt977154note:如果申请报告任何错误在你的设备上运行时,请报告错误。注:应用程序图标是cclicensed:HTTP:www.openclipart.orgdetail28414note:使用您自己的风险。不负责任何可能因使用使用该应用程序的缺失问题

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Cosmetic changes: less confusing wording, fixed couple display bugs.

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Android 1.6.0 以上
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