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Rogue Planet LWP Basic

Rogue Planet LWP Basic

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Rogue Planet LWP Basic 截图

Rogue Planet LWP Basic Rogue Planet LWP Basic Rogue Planet LWP Basic Rogue Planet LWP Basic Rogue Planet LWP Basic Rogue Planet LWP Basic

Rogue Planet LWP Basic 描述

-- Free Version (please support the developer by purchasing the paid version)
This live wallpaper depicts a lone planet in orbit around a star. This cosmic wallpaper includes a single planet with animated atmosphere, moving asteroids left over after the planets creation, a stellar star with solar flares, all surrounded in swirling dust and gas. This free version gives you some customization to this wallpaper.
If you enjoy this wallpaper support this project by purchasing the paid version. The paid version allows you to customize the scene by controlling the dust and gas properties, ring color, star size, and access to another theme. (search Rogue Planet LWP Full).
Basic Features (See screenshots for examples):
- Wallpaper Scrolling
- Support switching from landscape and portrait mode (if phone supports that feature)
- Ability to customize the planets properties (Atmosphere, Clouds, Terrain)
- Change color of the star
Thanks for any feedback and please rate (this will help me improve the app) =)
- 免费版本(请支持购买付费版本的开发)
如果你喜欢这个壁纸,支持这个项目,通过购买付费版本。付费版本允许您自定义的现场控制的尘埃和气体的性质,环的颜色,恒星的大小和访问另一个主题。 (搜索流氓星球LWP)。
- 壁纸滚动
- 支持从风景和肖像模式(如果手机支持该功能的切换)
- 可以自定义行星的特性(大气,云,地形)
- 改变颜色的明星

Rogue Planet LWP Basic 更新内容

v. 1.1.5
- Updated to Android 4.2
- Fixed scaling and aspect ratio for larger screen devices
- You can now disable/enable wallpaper scrolling
v. 1.1.0
- Updated to Android ICS 4.0.3
- Added 'Very Low' intensity values to Nebula (Change values in Full Version)
- Improve look of wallpaper
- Set a nebula intensity layer to 'Very Low'
- Increase star size from 'Small' to 'Medium'
- Improve asteroid movement and placement
- Code improvement

Rogue Planet LWP Basic 历史版本

Rogue Planet LWP Basic 使用技巧

Rogue Planet LWP Basic 信息

手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.1.0 以上

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