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Auto translated (english version below):
你要满足你的朋友,但你不知道他们在哪里? FriendFinder的受体可以帮助你找到你的朋友,利用增强现实。
●你想,以满足你的朋友,但你失去了在城市? FriendFinder的受体可以帮助你找到正确的方向。
You want to meet your friends but you do not know where they are? FriendFinder AR helps you to find your friends utilizing Augmented Reality.
No sign up required. You do not need to login anywhere or connect with facebook, twitter etc. as for similar friend finder / friend locator apps.
Share your location temporary and track the locations of your friends in realtime.
Field of application:
● You want to meet your friends but you are lost in the city? FriendFinder AR helps you to find the right direction.
● lost your Friends at a festival? Sure, they are in front of the stage! But where excactly are they? Find them faster, keep on rocking!
● Your friends are at the other side of the world? Hard to imagine! See them through your Augmented Reality Camera!
● You have just climbed the top of a mountain? Let your friends know how far you got!
● ...
● track the location of your friends in realtime
● share your location with your friends in realtime
● see your friends through the camera of your phone (Augmented Reality)
● find your friends on the map
● no signup/login required
● your friends need your permission to see you temporary
● data is transmitted encrypted (using AES) and anonymous
The app needs the following permissions because:
● INTERNET: locations are shared between you and your friends via a server
● ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to check if internet access is available
● RECEIVE_SMS, SEND_SMS: location requests and location share notifications are sent via SMS
● ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: to share your location the app must be able to access your location
● CAMERA: to make the augmented reality view possible
● READ_CONTACTS: the app displays a list of your contacts to let you choose from whom you want to request the location/whom you want to share your location
Your friends must have FriendFinder AR installed on their device too to use it entirely (they will get an invitation via SMS to download the app if they don't have it while you send them a location share/request).

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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