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旅行助手 WorldMate

旅行助手 WorldMate

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旅行助手 WorldMate 描述

Join over 10 million travelers who rely on WorldMate to plan, book, and manage every aspect of their trips.
WorldMate automatically organizes your trips, sends you flight alerts*, recommends great hotels for booking, and offers a wide array of other incredible travel services.
Experience the magic of WorldMate! Forward your airline, hotel, car rental, and even OpenTable confirmation emails to trips@worldmate.com, and you’re good to go!
Travel Assistant:
• Home Screen - Get all information you need for your trips to make your travel worry-free, just when you need it.
• Itinerary Manager – The WorldMate itinerary stores all the vital information you’ll need for managing, planning and organizing your trip — beautifully delivered and simple to use.
• Share Itinerary Details – Easily share your travel plans with friends and family via Facebook, or a personalized email. Share the entire trip, part of it or real-time Flight Status
• Flight Status - WorldMate will show you the real-time flight status of your flight so you can easily adapt to flight changes.
• Pushed Flight Alerts - Receive automatic notification of delays, cancellations, and gate changes.
• Flight Reminders - WorldMate will send you a flight reminder a few hours prior to departure, allowing you to know in advance if your flight’s gate or time has changed.
• Flight Search –locate the best flight routes based on your destination, even before your agent!
• Past trips - access your entire past trips information from within the app.
• Mapping & Navigation – View your trip items on map to know where your hotel, car pickup or next meeting is located. Need help getting around? Just click on the ‘Get Directions’ icon, and we’ll show you the best routes
• Travel Widget – Quickly view the next item on your trip right from the device’s home screen.
Hotel and Car Booking:
• Hotel Booking – Get the best room available using WorldMate’s exclusive deal search, now including improved filters!
• “Price Alerts” and “Counter Offers” –WorldMate reviews your hotel booking and notifies you of price drops and saving opportunity.
• Car Rental – Reserve a rental car from hundreds of airports worldwide in unbeatable prices.
• Airport Pickup– Don’t feel like driving? Make limo, town car and van reservations with ease. • Express Booking – Make your future hotel bookings quick and simple by allowing WorldMate to remember your payment information.
Travel Tools:
• Weather Forecast – Know what to pack using compete 5-day weather forecast.
• Currency Converter –Daily Exchange Rate updates for global currencies
• World Clocks - Always get at the right Time to the right Place
Press Quotes:
“If you are serious about taking control of your business travel don’t settle for less”- TechCrunch
“WorldMate is remarkably useful for keeping tabs on a travel schedule” - Engadget
“Best Apps for Organizing Travel Information” – Travel+Leisure
Download the WorldMate App now!
Connect with us:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/WorldMate
Twitter: http://twitter.com/WorldMate
•主页屏幕 - 获取您需要为您的旅行,让您出行无忧,只是当你需要它的所有信息。
•行程管理器 - 该行程的WorldMate存储所有你所需要的管理,策划和组织您的行程中的重要信息 - 提供精美,简单易用。
•分享行程细节 - 轻松通过Facebook,或个性化的电子邮件的朋友和家人分享你的旅行计划。分享整个行程,其中的一部分或实时航班状态
•飞行状态 - 的WorldMate将告诉你航班的实时航班状态,因此您可以轻松地适应飞行的变化。
•推飞行警报 - 接收的延误,取消和登机口变更自动通知。
•航班提醒 - 的WorldMate会前几个小时向您发送航班提醒离去,让你提前知道,如果你的航班的大门或时间发生了变化。
•过去的旅行 - 访问你的整个过去从应用程序内车次信息。
•测绘和导航 - 在地图上查看您的旅行项目知道你的酒店,汽车皮卡或下次会议的位置。需要帮助规避?只需点击“获取路线”图标,我们将向您展示的最佳路线
•旅行小工具 - 从设备的主屏幕快速查看您的行程的下一个项目。
•酒店预订 - 获取可使用WorldMate的独家协议的搜索,现在包括改进的过滤器的最好的房间!
•租车 - 来自世界各地的数百个机场在别人无法匹敌的价格预订租车。
•机场接听 - 不要觉得开车?让豪华轿车,公务车和面包车预订提供方便。 •快速预订 - 使你的未来酒店预订快速和简单的允许的WorldMate记住您的付款信息。
•天气预报 - 知道什么用竞争的5天天气预报收拾。
•外汇网 - 每日汇率更新的全球货币
•世界时钟 - 始终得到在正确的时间正确的地方
“如果你是认真的把你的商务旅行的控制权不会退而求其次” - TechCrunch的
“的WorldMate是保持在一个旅行日程的标签非常有用” - 瘾科技
“最佳应用服务组织旅游信息” - 旅游+休闲

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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