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ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes)

ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes)

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ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes) 截图

ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes) ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes) ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes) ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes) ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes) ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes)

ToDo记事本(ToDo Notes) 描述

To Do List saved in chronological order, quick entry and swipe through the list. Red and Green check boxes mark the status of the To Do's. Option to start in To Do List, New Note, Calendar, Split Screen or All Notes List. Personal entries ensured by password.
To Do list features:
- set reminders with LED notice and vibrate on select To Do's in the list
- search
- password lock for privacy
- tap date to add notes in past or future diary entries
- To Do font size adjustment and custom colors
- set your own colors on the ToDo notes
- split screen option for tablets and large displays
- 3 star classification for To Do's
- import text directly from files
- use Text to Speech to read notes
- send journal notes to Email, SMS text, Google Calendar and save to SD card
- import/export entire list to SD card.
- supports English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian and Italian language
Premium versions available on Google Play - search for "jnmwsi". Journal Notes Multimedia can synchronize the notes to other Android devices and to a free Windows/PC version of the software via local WiFi and USB cable. Journal Notes Solo does not require Internet access permission. Paid apps are also ad-free. Your existing notes can be exported in the paid versions.
Permissions information:
Internet access - required to display ads
Read phone state - required to display ads
View network state - required to display ads
Send SMS messages- required to send a note as an SMS text message
Modify USB and SD card contents - required to export/backup the notes on the SD card
Vibrator - used for reminder notifications
Terms of Use - http://www.journal-notes.com/terms.html
- 设置提醒,带LED的通知和振动上选择执行的列表
- 搜索
- 密码锁隐私
- 点击日期在过去或未来的日记中添加注释
- 要不要字体大小调整和自定义颜色
- 对待办事项笔记设置自己的颜色
- 平板电脑和大屏幕显示器分屏选项
- 3星级的划分换做的
- 进口直接从文件中的文本
- 使用文本到语音阅读笔记
- 发送日志说明,以电子邮件,短信,谷歌日历,并保存到SD卡
- 导入/导出整个列表到SD卡上。
- 支持英语,法语,西班牙语,德语,罗马尼亚语和意大利语
可在谷歌播放付费版本 - 搜索“jnmwsi”。日记便笺多媒体可以同步笔记到其他Android设备和软件通过本地WiFi和USB数据线一个免费的Windows / PC版本。日记便笺独奏不需要互联网访问权限。付费应用程序也无广告。您现有的笔记可以在付费版本被导出。
上网 - 显示广告所需
读取手机状态 - 显示广告需要
查看网络状态 - 显示广告需要
修改USB和SD卡的内容 - 导出所需/备份笔记SD卡上
振动器 - 用于提醒通知
使用条款 - http://www.journal-notes.com/terms.html

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Fix for Jelly Bean Text-to-Speech

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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