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Chinese BBQ Restaurant

Chinese BBQ Restaurant

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With Chinese BBQ Restaurant, you

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Chinese BBQ Restaurant Chinese BBQ Restaurant Chinese BBQ Restaurant

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With Chinese BBQ Restaurant, you will experience the challenge of running a restaurant that sells Chinese BBQ food on your favorite Android phones or tablets.Chinese BBQ (also known as Siu Mei) is one of the many Chinese traditional ways of cooking. In many Chinese speaking countries such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, you can easily find Chinese BBQ dishes in restaurants, food courts and fast food restaurants. Some of the modern slot machines have abandoned the lever. It takes away some of the fun of a traditional machine. Fruity Slot Machine lets you to spin with either the lever or the spin button. It's your choice! This game's features include:- Realistic food, ingredients, and sauces- Cute and original cartoon characters- Colorful user interface for the best user experienceChinese BBQ Restaurant supports almost any Android phones and tablets. Get Chinese BBQ Restaurant today and enjoy the fun anywhere you go.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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