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Masterpiece - Draw & Paint!

Masterpiece - Draw & Paint!

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Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! 截图

Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! Masterpiece - Draw & Paint!

Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! 描述

Draw your artistic creation!

Paint your Imagination!

Love your Masterpiece!

Find your inner artist with Masterpiece: Draw & Paint! It’s a simple drawing pad with multitude of functionality.

Awaken your creative mind by painting a masterpiece.

Decorate your own photos with funny doodles and share them with your friends!

Design your dream car. Paint like an artist!

Masterpiece will enable you to paint professional drawing with simple easy-to-use user interface. Or you can just as easily let a child connect with her inner artist by letting her doodle and paint her way into family hall of fame.

As well as having traditional drawing tools, it offers Rainbow mode and Neon mode for your mindless doodles.

Share your drawings with a touch of a button using any of social media apps on your phone like Facebook, Twitter, or just simple Gmail.


★Scrolling(by touching and sliding your finger to left) menu conveniently located at the bottom with beautiful icons.

★Up to 9 previously used colors(a must for any artist!)

★Variety of Brush Color including Alpha Channel

★Undo up to 5 times for any mistake or even when you accidentally loaded a picture you didn’t want

★Load your own photo form the Gallery by using load icon

★Check your own drawing from Gallery/Camera where all your photos are

★Share with social networking programs(appropriate programs required)

★Preview exactly what your brush size will look like on your background before you choose your brush size/type

★Doodle with Rainbow brush for mindless fun!


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Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! 更新内容


- This is the tablet optimized version of Art of Draw & Paint

- Default brush size changed

- Try our Live Wallpaper of sample drawing~!!!

Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! 历史版本

Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! 使用技巧

Masterpiece - Draw & Paint! 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上
YD Studios

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