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Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free

Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free

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Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free 截图

Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free

Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free 描述

★ Hand-picked, top quality HD nature images
★ Access to Flickr, Picasa, Instagram and Facebook
★ Regular additions
Collection contains high quality nature and landscape wallpapers from Australia and around the world, made and handpicked by Australian nature photographer Yegor Korzh.
In addition to the top quality landscape wallpapers, application provides direct access to your Facebook, Flickr, Google Picasa, Instagram images as well as your local gallery allowing direct access to your images in social networks without hassles.
- Collection of more than 100 high quality nature wallpapers in five categories: Landscapes, Seascapes, Forestscapes, Abstract and Latest
- HD quality: wallpaper size that suits your device (resized before download) - up to 3000x2000 pixels resolution.
- On demand wallpaper and thumbnails downloads to reduce your data charges
- Regular additions to wallpaper collection
- New wallpaper notifications
- Access to Facebook Albums. Use you photos from Facebook as wallpapers on your Android.
- Access to Flickr account. Use you images from your Flickr account as wallpapers.
- Access to Google Picasa Web Albums. Use photos from your Google Picasa Web Albums as wallpapers.
- Access to your Instagram images. Use your Instagrams as wallpapers.
- Use images from your own gallery as wallpapers. Images stored on your device can be added to favourite wallpapers ('Options Menu'->'Add Image' in 'Favourite Wallpapers' screen).
- Control image resizing for 3rd party sources (upscale enable/disable, fit long side, fit short side, etc)
Full version of this app enables flexible wallpaper slideshow from your favourites, online categories and 3rd party sources: Flickr, Facebook, Google Picasa, Instagram.
- 五大类100多个高品质的自然风景壁纸:风景,静物,Forestscapes,摘要和最新的收藏
- HD适合您的设备的质量:壁纸大小(调整大小,然后下载) - 高达3000X2000像素的分辨率。
- 需求下载壁纸和缩略图,以减少您的数据收费
- 定期壁纸集
- 新墙纸通知的
- 访问Facebook的相册。使用您的照片从Facebook在你的Andr​​oid壁纸。
- 进入到Flickr帐户。使用您的图片从您的Flickr帐户上作为壁纸。
- 访问谷歌的Picasa网络相册。使用的照片从谷歌Picasa网络相册作为壁纸。
- 访问你的Instagram的图片。使用您的Instagrams壁纸。
- 使用图像从你自己的画廊作为壁纸。您的设备上存储的图像可以被添加到最喜爱的壁纸(“选项Menu' - >”添加图片“在”收藏壁纸屏幕)。
- 控制图像大小调整为第三方源(启用/禁用,适合长边,适合高档短边等)

Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free 更新内容

Version 2.7.2
- Updated libraries and APIs
- bugfixes
Version 2.7.1
- Wallpaper notifications open latest wallpapers screen
- bugfixes
Version 2.7
- Wallpaper Previews
- Share app button
- Minor UI changes and bugfixes

Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free 历史版本

  • Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free

    Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free

    版本:2.7.1 高速下载

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Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free 信息

手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.3.2 以上

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