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520 or 90

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520 or 90 520 or 90 520 or 90 520 or 90

520 or 90 描述

Find out which bridge is cheaper or faster in less than 10 seconds! 520 or 90 is the app for the Seattle community that helps smart drivers get to where they need to go quickly and cheaply.
With 520 or 90, drivers can:
- Get to appointments on time! 520 or 90 identifies the fastest bridge and how much it will cost compared to the other bridge.
- Stop spending more than necessary! 520 or 90 compares the total cost of the commute including fuel and toll costs for each bridge. (including the Good To Go! pass discount)
- Get a lifetime summary of total time and cost saved. Feel good about saving time and money, even when sitting in traffic.
* Monitor fuel consumption with estimated fuel costs based on current gas prices, vehicle efficiency and traffic congestion.
Get 520 or 90 today and start saving on daily travels!

520 or 90 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:What's new in this version:

1. Stops EULA from re-appearing once user accepts it.

2. User settings are saved across sessions.

3. Several other fixes and improvements.

520 or 90 历史版本

520 or 90 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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