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V-Cut Express Trial

V-Cut Express Trial

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V-Cut Express Trial V-Cut Express Trial

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The V-Cut Express is a simple video editing tool that cuts unwanted parts of video and saves only essential part . It is very light, easy to use and fast. Choose a video source from your existing video files or from the camera on your device for instant recording, editing and saving. Buttons for scissors moving provide you with extremely easy, fast and efficient way of getting to the exact point that you want to cut. The V-Cut Express has following features.- Choose an existing video from gallery or file browser.- Or record a new video with the camera on your device using your favorite video recording app.- Cut unwanted parts by moving starting and ending scissors.- Fine tune by up to 1 second unit with buttons.- Video frame is updated by moving scissors and progress bar.- Save the result to a new file and choose to keep the original file or discard it.- Launchable from Gallery or other file browser directly with VIEW or SHARE function.- Compatible to facebook and other social network sites.- [NEW!] Audio only and Video only are possible. Especially, created content with audio only can be used by Telling Photos app as well.- [FIXED!] Move the circle thumb to fast review.- [NEW!] Notification will be issued after processing done. There is a Free Trial version so that you can check if the app is working properly on your device as well.Limitation on the trial version.- Try with Trial version before purchasing to check if the app is working good on your device.- Before doing temporary unlock, the duration of the result video will be limited to 5 seconds.- The full feature can be unlocked temporarily (for one time) by clicking advertisement and watch. Tag: video, editing, trim, trimmer, express, v-cut, cut Please, contact the developer for any questions, suggestions and/or reporting problems at: vcutexpress@yogeeyo.com. This app is using FFmpeg under permission of LGPL and anyone can access to the source code of the library on the official website: http://www.yogeeyo.com/.

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Android 3.0.0 以上

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