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WhoAreYou Caller ID + Blocker

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WhoAreYou Caller ID + Blocker WhoAreYou Caller ID + Blocker WhoAreYou Caller ID + Blocker WhoAreYou Caller ID + Blocker

WhoAreYou Caller ID + Blocker 描述

WhoAreYou is a 100% free Caller ID app that includes a Call Blocker, so you can easily eliminate unwanted callers, blocks telemarketers, and stop robocalls with just a few clicks. No more need to ask "Who Are You?" when an unknown number calls.
The WhoAreYou app lets you know when a telemarketer is calling and helps you get rid of them permanently – by playing a “This number is out of service” message that gets you off their telemarketing lists for good.
With WhoAreYou, you’ll know exactly who is calling or texting you - even when they’re not in your address book! The app blocks telemarketers, robocallers, debt collectors, spammers your ex-boyfriend, and other any other unwanted callers!
Get comprehensive Caller ID for your mobile phone!
* Shows Caller ID for landlines, business numbers, toll-free, and even cell phone numbers.
* See a name, city and state, and photo on almost every call and text message / SMS.
* Reverse phone lookup for any number in the US or Canada.
Use WhoAreYou to filter calls and answer the ones you want. Use it as the world's best Caller ID so you never ask "Who Are You?" again. Use it as the world’s best call blocker to effortlessly block telemarketers and robocalls, eliminate unwanted callers, and stop spammers from ringing your phone.
That's right. With WhoAreYou, you get free caller ID, a free call blocker, and free reverse phone lookup features.
Finally "411" is real-time, automatic, visual, and totally free. The Who Are You databases have over 300 million phone numbers and tens of millions of entries identifying spammers, telemarketers, and robocallers.
Identifies Caller ID for inbound TXT / SMS messages, too.
And, you can customize the Caller ID pop-up however you want!
* Go to Menu > Options and decide how frequently it pop ups, when it pops up, where it pops up, and more!
WhoAreYou works seamlessly with YouMail’s Visual Voicemail – the #1 visual voicemail app for Android. With YouMail and WhoAreYou together, you can leverage YouMail's smart blocking algorithms that use call patterns and feedback on spammers and telemarketers from millions of customers to clearly identify, then get rid of, telemarketers and other unwanted callers forever.
Wjhen you block callers, WhoAreYou sends them to your voicemail. And when that voicemail is YouMail:
* Blocked callers automatically hear an official “This number is out of service” before it hangs up on them.
* Blocked callers think your number really is out of service! They won’t want to call you again!
* Telemarketers will take you off their call lists, and they won’t call again - from any of their outbound numbers.
One simple call block with WhoAreYou may stop 100s of calls from ever being made to your phone! Plus, YouMail’s Smart Blocking ensures that many numbers will be automatically blocked without you doing a thing.
WhoAreYou will sync with a new free YouMail account (if you don’t already have one). This allows you to automatically backup your blocked callers list (Blacklist), easily add/edit any uploaded contacts online at youmail.com, take advantage of YouMail’s existing database of trove of Caller ID information. Just download YouMail Visual Voicemail to upgrade your voicemail to take advantage of these cloud-based features (not to mention tons of other cool, time-saving, customizable features!)
Don't settle for caller id from your carriers. Compare WhoAreYou to Sprint caller id, ATT caller id, T-mobile caller id, or Verizon caller id and we're sure you'll never go back. Same thing goes for True Caller, HiYa, Hello, or any of the other caller id apps that are out there. Move on up to WhoAreYou and conbine it with YouMail - you won't be sorry.
App Support
Email us at AndroidHelp AT YouMail.com with product ideas, feedback or questions so we can help you resolve any issues or help with setup. We’d love to hear from you!
该WhoAreYou应用程序可以让你知道当电话推销员呼吁并帮助你摆脱他们永久 - 通过玩“这个数字是不在服务区”的消息,让你了他们的电话推销名单为好。
随着WhoAreYou,你就会知道到底是谁打电话或发短信,你 - 即使当他们在你的地址簿不是!该应用程序块的推销员,robocallers,收债,垃圾邮件发送者你的前男友,和其他任何其他不受欢迎的来电!
标识来电显示为入站TXT / SMS消息了。
为Android排名第一的可视语音邮件应用程序 - WhoAreYou与YouMail的可视语音邮件无缝工作。随着YouMail和WhoAreYou在一起,你可以利用YouMail的使用对垃圾邮件发送者的呼叫模式和反馈,电话销​​售从数百万的客户清楚地识别智能拦截算法,然后摆脱,电话销售和其他不受欢迎的来电永远。

  *电话营销员将带您离开自己的通话清单,他们就不会再打电话 - 从他们的任何拨出的号码的。
不要从运营商解决来电显示。比较WhoAreYou到Sprint的来电显示,ATT来电显示,T - Mobile的来电号码,或Verizon的来电显示和我们确信你将永远不会回去。同样的问题也发生在真来电,你好,你好,或其他任何来电显示的应用程序是在那里的。继续前行到WhoAreYou和YouMail conbine它 - 你不会后悔的。
发邮件给我们AndroidHelp AT YouMail.com与产品理念,意见或问题,以便我们可以帮你解决任何问题或设置帮助。我们很乐意听到您的声音!

WhoAreYou Caller ID + Blocker 更新内容

- Fixed bug when ditching phone numbers directly from Ditched List menu.
- Fixed unditching issue for YouMail users who weren't connected to
- Improved background colors/fonts.

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通讯社交 电话通讯
Android 4.0.3 以上

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