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Yellow Pages for Android Yellow Pages for Android Yellow Pages for Android Yellow Pages for Android

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Lookout, Yellow Pages for Android fits that whole yellow book right into your
pocket. The best in local business, restaurants, shops, spas, deals, coupons and more are now literally at your fingertips. Discover your city today using the power of local search!
Who needs the white pages when you have yellowpages for android?
Find a great shop and post it to Facebook Find a cool restaurant and post it to Twitter ( http://www.twitter.com ). Gather your friends from your favorite social networks and support your local economy!
Use this app to search for the nearest Walmart (http://www.walmart.com), KFC, Red Lobster, McDonald's, Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, Victoria's Secret and all major retail chains. You can also search for specific interests like vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, daycare, coffee shops, ATMs, cupcakes, desserts, golf courses and pretty much anything you can think of. Twitter users especially will make great use of the direct Twitter integration. This lets you share special finds with your Twitter friends.
Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/ ) users will love the way the app connects to Facebook connect. There is no better Facebook integration on any YellowPages app on the Android market.
Now you can get the city's best discounts and daily deals from Yellow Pages for Android. YellowPages Rewards gets you the best daily deals from premium companies such as Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, and HomeRun.
Some other apps that make nice companions to Yellow Pages ( http://www.yellowpages.com ) are White Pages, Craigslist ( http://www.craigslist.com ), Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com ), Twitter ( http://www.twitter.com ), Citysearch, Groupon, LivingSocial, Foursquare and Flixster / Movies. Each one is a bit different, but all play well with Yellow Pages for Android.
使用这个应用程序寻找最近的沃尔玛(http://www.walmart.com),肯德基,红龙虾,麦当劳,星巴克,塔吉特,百思买,维多利亚的秘密,所有主要的零售连锁店。您还可以搜索的具体利益,如素食主义者,素食主义者,不含麸质,托儿所,咖啡馆,自动柜员机(ATM),蛋糕,甜点,高尔夫球场和几乎任何你能想到的。 Twitter用户,尤其是直接使用Twitter的整合。这使您可以分享特别的发现与你的Twitter好友。
Facebook的(http://www.facebook.com/)用户的将喜欢的应用程序连接到Facebook连接的方式。有没有更好的Facebook的整合在Android Market上的应用程序在任何黄页。
一些其他的应用程序,不错的同伴黄页(http://www.yellowpages.com)白页Craigslist的(http://www.craigslist.com)的,脸谱(http://www.facebook.com) ,,CitySearch的微博(http://www.twitter.com)中,Groupon,LivingSocial的,Foursquare和Flixster /电影。每个人是一个有点不同,但都发挥出色的Andr​​oid黄页。

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