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Yatzy is a dice game common in Scandinavia. The rules differ somewhat from similar games like Yahtzee (® in the United States by Hasbro) and Yacht. AI Yatzy follows standard Yatzy rules, and contains a powerful engine to challenge your game, or to help you with hints.

Answers to comments:

"Never allows credit for small straight": This is Yatzy, and in Yatzy, a small straight is 1-2-3-4-5. Of course the game allows credit for this definition of a small straight, and the AI plays by the same rules as the player.

"Strange random number generation": Prior to version 2.1.0, AI Yatzy played with the same dice (same outcome when rolling a specific die) as the player in Challenge mode, as this emphasizes strategy over luck. Since this confused some users, 2.1.0 introduces the possibility to let AI Yatzy roll its dice independently of the player.

"Boring": True, Yatzy is not the most fast paced of games. It is a surprisingly strategic game, though, which is what fascinates me about it.

"Not installable on SD": Version 1.02 introduced SD installation, 10 minutes after I got the comment. Sadly, there is no way on Android Market to communicate back to users that their comments/requests have been addressed.

"Not displayed properly on Galaxy Tab": I tried to adjust this, but it is difficult to know if the game displays correctly on each of the 413 Android devices that I do not own. I will do my best to adjust the game to be playable on a specific device, if you write me an email.

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Android 1.6.0 以上
Jonas Hagmar

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