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HandyLex 4 Czech HandyLex 4 Czech HandyLex 4 Czech HandyLex 4 Czech HandyLex 4 Czech HandyLex 4 Czech

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This Lingea Multi Dictionary 4 Czech is a contemporary off-line electronic pocket-size dictionary designed especially for beginners, learners and travelers.
The dictionary features over 3000 carefully selected entries in each direction. Entries and meanings were selected to suit the real needs of users in terms of everyday communication and travel
Over 2 000 useful phrases and example sentences for everyday use and travel and 12 000 translations.
Clearly arranged display of entries plus contextual info for the equivalents in every displayed entry will make using this dictionary much easier and help you choose the right word and thus avoid embarrassing situations or misunderstandings.
Very useful search functionalities such as: automatic language recognition (no need to switch directions), mistyping suggestions and instant index (no need to type entire words)
You can simply verify the equivalents for each headword. Just double-click any displayed equivalent and it will be looked up in the dictionary as an entry.
User-friendly and fun to use. Ideal for everyday use whether at school, home or on holiday.
Lingea s.r.o. is a leading company in the development and marketing of both electronic and printed quality dictionaries. We have over 10 years of experience in the field of linguistics, developing our own data as well as software. We do our best to keep our dictionaries up to date all the time and provide a real picture of current language.
超过2 000日常使用和旅行和12 000翻译有用的短语和例句。
Lingea s.r.o.在电子和印刷质量字典的开发和销售的龙头企业。我们有超过10年的经验,在语言学领域,发展我们自己的数据和软件。我们尽最大努力使我们的字典了迄今为止所有的时间,并提供当前语言的真实情况。

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