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ABUS Secvest IP Lite

ABUS Secvest IP Lite

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ABUS Secvest IP Lite ABUS Secvest IP Lite ABUS Secvest IP Lite ABUS Secvest IP Lite

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+++++++ Caution: In LITE version of Secvest IP App the connection settings are not saved ++++++++++

ABUS – Security at your fingertips

This app is used for perfect remote control of your ABUS Secvest IP wireless alarm system. Take advantage of the impressive range of options offered by this app when used in combination with the Secvest IP wireless alarm centre and PIR network cameras. Using the app, you can arm and disarm your alarm system, call up the status of the alarm centre and check the event log. With SecvestIP app you have control of connected network cameras by viewing live images on your Android device. In case of alarm the app enables you to view all stored alarm images in Secvest IP alarm center. By utilising the optional wireless sockets, you can even control your house lighting and other electronic devices.

• Arming / disarming and part setting of the alarm centre via app
• Status of the alarm centre can be called up from anywhere in the world
• Individual detectors can be switched on or off
• Wireless sockets can be switched manually
• An event log can be called up, providing information on events and alarms which have occurred
• Alarms can be deactivated, and are also displayed in the app
• Receive live video data (refreshing still images)of PIR network cameras
• Direct access to view alarm images stored in Secvest IP alarm center
• Manage up to 3 alarm panels at the same time

The app is available in German, English, French, Dutch, Danish and Polish
Supported devices:
ABUS Secvest IP alarm centre FUAA10010 and FUAA10011
PIR network camera (TVIP41550)

Please note that you generate additional costs when using remote connections, depending of your providers contract.

This App version requires internet connection of your Android device for data synchronization.

Important Notice:
The build-in search tool for initial alarm panel setup over WIFI may won’t show any search result on HTC android devices. Please setup the alarm panel manually in this case.
You can install the free LITE version first to test the application on your android device.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
ABUS Security-Center

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