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AmberHome Weather free

AmberHome Weather free

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AmberHome Weather free AmberHome Weather free AmberHome Weather free AmberHome Weather free AmberHome Weather free AmberHome Weather free

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琥珀首页天气天气应用程序是一个yr.no ,挪威气象研究所和NRK使用的气象数据。天气数据目前没有条件,所以它是唯一预测信息。特点:- 今天天气概述- 至10日的每日预报- 详细的长达10天的每日预报- 每小时预测欧洲,世界各地的3小时预报- 详细的部件( 4X1大小)如果您添加一个位置的应用程序,您可以编辑的位置的海拔高度。通常情况下,你应该离开这个为0。只有当你有很大的差异的真实温度的应用程序显示的温度,你可以尝试添加该位置的实际高度。该应用程序仍处于开发阶段。新功能被添加永久和一个“专业”的应用程序将很快被释放。可用的语言:- 英语- 德国- 芬兰( SUOMI )如果你想翻译成另一种语言的应用程序,通过邮件,请与我联系。计划中的功能:- 平板布局- 主屏幕小部件- 基于位置的天气- meteogrammAmberHome Weather is a weather app that uses the weather data from yr.no, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK.The weather data has no current conditions so it is only for forecast information.Features:- Overview with today weather- Up to 10 day daily forecast- Detailed daily forecast for up to 10 days- Hourly forecast for Europe, 3 hour forecast for the rest of the world- Detailed widget (4x1 size)If you add a location to the app you can edit the altitude for the location. Normally you should leave this to 0. Only if you have big differences from the temperature the app shows to the real temperature you can try to add the real altitude of the location.The app is still under development. New features are added permanently and a &Pro& app will be released soon.Available languages:- English- German- Finnish (suomi)If you want to translate the app to another language please contact me by mail.Planned features:- tablet layouts- more homescreen widgets- location based weather- meteogramm

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