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'Today in History' Widget

'Today in History' Widget

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'Today in History' Widget 截图

'Today in History' Widget 'Today in History' Widget 'Today in History' Widget 'Today in History' Widget 'Today in History' Widget 'Today in History' Widget 'Today in History' Widget 'Today in History' Widget

'Today in History' Widget 描述

This is an ad-free widget for the home screen: it displays events which happened on this day in history. These events come from various sources in various languages which you can select. You can browse all events of today using the arrows buttons. If you are interested in further information regarding a particular event, simply tap on the text and you get related links for that event.
There are many sources for events from all over the world in many different languages. Choose all you are interested in.
Current sources include:
- Wikipedia in many languages (English, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and many more)
- BBC: "On This Day"
- The New York Times: "On This Day"
- DW-World: "Today in History"
- History.com: "This Day in History"
Three versions of the widget exist: A smaller (4x1) and a bigger one (4x2) and a stacked version for Android versions greater than 2. Choose the one which fits your needs better. Keep in mind: The smaller one can (obviously) display less text than the big one.
The widget is also tested on Android Honeycomb Tablets (Android 3.x) and on ICS (Android 4.x), so it should run flawlessly on such devices as well.
The widget downloads the events for the next days and stores them on your device, so there is no need for permanent internet access.
If you find any bugs, have any problems or if you have additional sources you want to be included in the widget, please write me a mail (android@dbruhn.de) and do not comment on the Market, since I can not contact you here!
If you like the widget, please share, rate and comment it properly.
Thanks to all translators:
- Italian: Aldo Tarquilio <applealdo@gmail.com>

'Today in History' Widget 更新内容

If you have problems, please contact 'android@dbruhn.de' so I can help you.
3.0.2: Bugfix:
- Fixed a bug on Android 2.1, Widget works fine there now.
- Various other bugfixes
3.0: New Features:
- New Stacked Widget for Android 3.x and 4.x
- Restyled application, looks much more beautiful now
- Speed improvements all over the application

'Today in History' Widget 历史版本

'Today in History' Widget 使用技巧

'Today in History' Widget 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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