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Flux Cards (flash cards)

Flux Cards (flash cards)

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Flux Cards (flash cards) Flux Cards (flash cards) Flux Cards (flash cards) Flux Cards (flash cards) Flux Cards (flash cards) Flux Cards (flash cards) Flux Cards (flash cards)

Flux Cards (flash cards) 描述

Learn Faster and Easier with FluxCards!
We think FluxCards are even better than flash cards - here’s why…
* Special Scientific Timing, via Leitner Spaced Repetition for Maximum Memory Retention (which means Minimum Effort for You!)
* Easily Edit or Add New Cards on the Go - just press the Blue Button
* New – Boost Your Memory with Images, Photos or Draw with Your S Pen!
* Extra-Easy Color-Coded Interface
* Quizlet started making problems on 2014-04-20 and might get replaced soon(Imports Sets or Lists from Quizlet.com – Smoothly does it!)
* Always with You, even Offline!
* FluxCards are Perfect for Quick Sessions or Serious Study
Conventional flashcard are great for learning new things – but they can get boring real fast if you don’t use science….
FluxCards uses science!
Here’s the science…
Our special Flux Engine (tm) automatically presents and repeats cards based on how well you know them - that means:
* You Learn Fast!
* Less Boredom
* Less Boredom means More Study
* More Study means You Learn Even Faster!
Yes, it’s like a turbocharger for your brain – and it gets even better, because…
This professional, high-performance app is completely FREE!
Yes, free! And you can enjoy free forever. How’s that for crazy value?
All we ask is that to enjoy the FULL power of our Flux Engine (tm), grab a Premium License (only $4.97!)
FluxCard’s Easy Interface:
Tap anywhere to flip the card and see the other side, then:
1. Remembered correctly - tap Green button
2. Forgot - tap Red button
3. (Or Tap Blue button to edit the card – or add an image!)
It really is that easy!
Create as many sets or lists as you like, FluxCards will always remember your learning progress with that set.
Other apps may have more bells and whistles but we’re confident you’ll love FluxCards, because it’s easy to use and edit, you’ll ENJOY learning with it and because the "Flux" engine technology means you’ll learn faster and easier than EVER before!
Try it right now and see for yourself!
我们认为FluxCards甚至比闪存卡更好的 - 这里的原因......
*轻松编辑或添加新卡上的围棋 - 只需按下蓝色按钮
*新 - 提高你的记忆与影像,照片或绘图用你的钢笔!
* Quizlet开始二零一四年四月二十日决策问题,很快会被替换(进口从Quizlet.com设置或列表 - 顺利做它!)
* FluxCards是完美的快速会话或认真研究
传统的烧录卡是伟大的学习新的东西 - 但是他们可以变得无聊真正的快,如果你不使用科学....
我们特别通量引擎(TM)自动显示,并根据你如何知道他们重复卡 - 这意味着:
是的,它就像一个涡轮增压器为你的大脑 - 它会变得更好,因为...
1记错 - 轻按绿色按钮
2忘记 - 点击红色按钮
3,(或者点击蓝色按钮可以编辑卡 - 或者添加图像!)

Flux Cards (flash cards) 更新内容

Fixed LearningActivity for older devices
The fix was to remove security features that would prevent third party apps from functioning as a LearningActivity. This being possible now does not mean it will stay open for all future.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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