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Skyrim Traductor

Skyrim Traductor

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Skyrim Traductor Skyrim Traductor Skyrim Traductor Skyrim Traductor Skyrim Traductor Skyrim Traductor

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# # # # # IMPORTANT VERSION 2.1 # # # # #
Taking into account all your comments, I added the phonetic pronunciation of the texts translated, you can read the text to your friends draconian language.
The section on "shouts", has been temporarily disabled by incompatibilities in audio formats, I promise to have it ready as soon as possible.
The "dictionary", has undergone a slight change, now, are all available words to translate in the PPP, Party hard discovering how to write and how to pronounce each word, there are over 400!
There's no excuse for not speaking the language of the dragons!
Dovah Spread the word!
# # # # # IMPORTANT # # # # #
You have conquered the lands of Skyrim, yours is the glory and power, have killed the dragon fought buscdo treasures and the most dangerous places of the cold north, think that there is nothing else to do .... but you're wrong!
Learn the language of the dragons, translates any text you want to Dovah alphabet, and become a real Dovahkiin.
Surprise your friends and make ciphertexts give in to the dragon's blood.
The power and glory are available for your smartphone, you let go free?

Skyrim Traductor 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:New version 2.0

- Share with your friends text written in the language Dovah! Directly as written on the screen!

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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