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Speaker Box Designer

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Speaker Box Designer Speaker Box Designer Speaker Box Designer Speaker Box Designer Speaker Box Designer Speaker Box Designer

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This app will size the loudspeaker box/port and plot the frequency response.
Speaker Box Designer is the app for designing the boxes for your loudspeaker drivers. The app will size the box (calculate the box volume to match your driver), calculate the port length (if you want one) and will also plot the frequency response of the finished design.
You can design Closed (Sealed), Ported or 4th Order Bandpass enclosure designs. The sealed design is the simplest to construct, the ported design gives an improved bass response and the 4th Order Bandpass design is great for sub-woofers.
In response to the review comment by DeSha I would like to remind users that if their screen is small, they may need to scroll down the page to see the calculation results. This program performs a number of calculations including Box Volume, Box Resonant Frequency, Minimum Port diameter and Port Length - these can be seen in the fourth screen shot. Please keep your review comments accurate.
To use the app, enter the details about your driver and the type of box you would like to use. The details about the driver (the Thiele-Small Parameters) can be obtained from the driver’s data sheet, the supplier’s catalogue or from the internet. If you select a Ported or 4th Order Bandpass design, you can also set the port diameter. The app will then calculate the box size for you and you can plot its frequency response.
The app works with both metric and imperial (English) units.

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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