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Tip Calculator By SL

Tip Calculator By SL

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Tip Calculator By SL Tip Calculator By SL Tip Calculator By SL Tip Calculator By SL Tip Calculator By SL

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Tip Calculator by Seven Leaf!

Making your life easier

Tip Calculator Free By Seven Leaf
Why choose this Tip Calculator over others?

** Tip Calc SL supports the following great features **
- Supports Speech To Text for entering bill amount
- Does all the tip split and tip percentage math for you!
- Splits the bill and tip amounts among party members
- Easy to understand User Interface
- Option to Round or use Exact tip amounts
- Screenlight flashlight in-case you can't read the bill!
- Tip amounts recalculate upon changing Tip %% and or number of people
- Option to reset tipping values
- Menu option to change screen brightness to save battery

*Please note Speech to Text requires internet connection*

Tip Calculator By SL will satisfy all your tipping needs

Don't have a calculator or time to do math? This is your solution.

Tip Calc SL can also be used effectively with Delivery Services, Massage Services, shop, shopping online, as a discount calculator, percentage calculator, markup calculator, Finance Tool, flashlight and anything that requires a calculation of a tip or mark up. Use it to better manage your finances and keep track of costs.

- Works great with Money Management and keeping a more accurate financial budget. Use it to save money !

-- How to use --

After the app has loaded, enter your Total Bill Amount at the top left. You may use Speech to Text by clicking the microphone above the textbox. Be sure to say numbers only. If any letters pop up delete them or just try again. Speech to text is optional, feel free to type in the bill amount.

Specify the Tip Percentage

Specify the number of people who will share the bill

Note: You may use the arrows to move the Tip %% and Number of people amounts up or down

Specify whether you want to use 'Exact' or 'Round' Amounts
Use the button at the top right to choose Exact or Round
The coins will move under the title to indicate your selection

Hit the 'Tip It' Button. An animation with the tip values will occur

The tip values will auto update now if you choose to change variables such as Tip %%, Number of People, and or 'Exact/Round'

If you need to start over at any time, hit the reset button.

Other uses of the application:
Some other uses of this tips calculator or tip calc for you slang speakers include the following :

*Use tip calculator to better track your finances and keep a more accurate budget.
*Divide tips accurately and FAIRLY among party members. No one likes that guy who slyly forgets to tip! Show him his tip share on the tip total amount screen and he won't get out of this one.
*Instant Tip percentage and tip split updates as you change the variables on the phone
* Touch the flashlight bulb icon to activate the flash light screenlight. To navigate back to the tip calculator, hit menu then the back option which is next to the brightness menu option.
* Speech to text makes entering tips faster than any other tip application. If you mess up don't even worry about deleting the tip total amount. Just activate the speech to text and say it again.
* To make a decimal with speech to text tip total feature, say 'dot' , 'period' , or 'point' . You can then follow up with the decimal numbers. For best accurate tips results, speak slowly and pause between words
* Use round tip feature at top right to round off those distracting decimals. Hit the left or right side of top right button and the quarter and penny will move under Exact Tip or Round Tip to show your selection. The tip amounts should re calculate immediately.

Tip effectively with this efficient, yet stylish Tip Calculator by Seven Leaf. It is free and we hope you enjoy it!

Tip away my friends - spend money smart. Perfect for Black Friday Shopping

Feel free to email me or leave a comment with feedback. I am always eager to hear user opinions and update the app to satisfy user needs.

Note: Permissions are used for ad provider. They will not effect app performance in any way. Ads keep apps free and help pay for development costs. Thank you for understanding!

Tip Calculator By SL 更新内容


Update 1.04 for Tip Calculator By Seven Leaf :

- Improved and easier access to key features of the app

- Added Menu Options for Speech To Text for filling in the bill total amount. Hit Menu then the Speech To Text Option. The most efficient way to tip

- Added Menu Option for the Screenlight flashlight. Illuminate your bill with a bright screenlight. Good for dark lit restaurants. Never inaccurately record a tip again because you couldn't read the bill

Enjoy the Tip Calculator! More Updates soon

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Seven Leaf

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