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FantAndroid Light soccer

FantAndroid Light soccer

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FantAndroid is a quickly touch ap

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FantAndroid Light soccer FantAndroid Light soccer FantAndroid Light soccer FantAndroid Light soccer FantAndroid Light soccer FantAndroid Light soccer

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FantAndroid is a quickly touch application to play with your friends on the fantasy soccer game!!Write to fantandroid.app@gmail.com to update teams and players of your favourite national league Language supported: english,ItalianTouch like it on https://www.facebook.com/pages/FantAndroid-fantacalcio-Android-fantasy-football-app/203802549653857Others screenshots: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?v=photos&id=203802549653857 Features:0) to play on fantasy soccer of Italian Serie A and Serie B, Champions League, Bundesliga(Germany), Liga(Spain), Premier League(England), Ligue1(France), Eredivisie(Netherlands),Euro2012,MLS(USA)1) insert unlimited fantasy team number, players of Italian Serie A and data about probably line-up(only for Serie A) by fantaclub.it/pianetafantacalcio.it,change rule of players2) send your selected line-up by sms(normal and short with 4 letter for each player), email or FantAndroid format, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google+, Facebook wall, Facebook status, ask advice on facebook friends3) generate the text of selected line-up to post on blog, forum or web site4) set a memo with Google Calendar to remember you to send the line-up*5) save and reload saved selected/sended line-up6) read fantasy Italian Serie A news by tuttofantacalcio.it7) store line-up for a number match program*8) for Italian Serie A and Champions League read official and unofficial partial daily votes and scores by fantaclub.it(Milan,Naples,Rome editor staff) or pianetafantacalcio.it("G","C","T") for archived line-up*in particular: vote, vote+bonus/malus,yellow or red card, assist,goal,owngoal,goal penalty,gol victory...etc9) for Italian Serie A and Champions League read automatic calculation of score in two modality*:- standard modality based of the configuration rules:loading of the last sended line-upunlimited or limited(3) substitutionsrule of "defender modification"home and away match modality league or nonesource of votes by Fantaclub Milano/Pianeta Fantacalcio G or by Fantaclub Fantasy Footballrange of goal score and miminal score to realize one goal "four difference" rule(add another goal if score difference is >=4)-fantasy football fantaclub modality:like english fantasy game with 6 as vote adding bonus/malus, max num substitutions=310) choose of bonus/malus values:yellow cardred cardowngoalassistrealized goalreceived goaltie goalvictory goalfailed penaltysaved penaltydefault vote for player not changeblebonus home match11) importing of received FantAndroid line-up format or fantasy teams and backup fantasy teams12) for Serie A and Champions League, management of unlimited fantasy leagues with results and standindgs calculation, sending votes, results and standings by email**13) insert fantasy million for players of fantasy team14) send fantasy teams, results, standindgs by email or html format15) synchronization data16) generation and publishing fantasy web site league for Serie A or Champions League **17) push notifications about publishing pages of the fantasy league and votes of serie AYou can use the follow system of play to send line-up: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 3-6-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 5-4-1, 5-3-2. Updating players/teams Serie A:12/09/2013Updating players/teams Ch.League:12/09/2013Updating players/teams Serie B:28/09/2012Updating players/teams Premier League:05/08/2013Updating players/teams Liga:05/08/2013Updating players/teams Bundesliga,Ligue1,Eredivisie:05/08/2013Updating players/teams Euro2012 :26/05/2012Updating players/teams MLS:23/03/2013You can use the application also without Internet connection. FantAndroid is the first application "on demand" about the fantasy soccer game on Android technology!!Contact me before write a bad comment or a negative vote.Thanks. Enjoy it with FantAndroid!In collaboration with fantaclub.it, tuttofantacalcio.it and pianetafantacalcio.it* Fantandroid version** Fantandroid+ version

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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