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Guatemalan Mission
Expense Manager by BluJ IT is an application that was created for business men and women to ease the tracking of business related items such as expenses, mileage, time, and payments for jobs or trips. It has been tailored to allow easy entry of these items throughout a job or trip. Once the trip or job is complete, the data can be viewed and exported in a variety of ways both as PDF reports and CSV exports. These reports and exports can then be viewed on the device or emailed to whoever needs them. The CSV export is also great for importing applications such as Quicken and Quickbooks.
* Managing different clients with features for bill rates, billing increments, etc.
* Creation of jobs and association to clients.
* Dynamic job states: Active, Billed, Overdue, and Paid.
* Tracking of expenses, mileage, time, and payments within the different jobs.
* Fully functional application without network connections; although, when connected exchange rate data is able to be imported into Expense Manager by BluJ Business.
* Multinational currency support, including the ability to create and manage custom currencies. Allowing for a preferred currency, unlimited number of currency exchange rates, and currency indication at the expense level.
* Exchange Rate data importing from the internet.
* Expense tracking with payment method, tags, merchants, notes, and pictures and attachments of receipts (receipt preview included).
* Receipt capture makes use of camera functions such as auto-focus, auto-flash, compression, etc.
* Mileage tracking in both imperial or metric units. Allowing mileage entry via starting and ending odometer readings as well as total distance.
* Time tracking - time can be entered directly by adjusting the hours of the entry, or by starting and stopping a real time clock for the entry. Time entry clocks can be stopped and started as many times as desired, and Expense Manager by BluJ Business will accurately track the total run time of a time entry. Time tracking also allows additional data to be tracked such as (work orders, tags, categories, etc.)
* Payment management - as customer payments are received, they too can be tracked within Expense Manager by BluJ Business. These payments as well as due dates can be used to auto calculate job statuses.
* Extensive Reporting capabilities such as Job Details, Client Summaries, Year to date reports, etc. Addition Quick Reports easily allowing the generation of select reports within two screen touches.
* Collected data is able to be exported in a CSV format for import to other applications such as Excel and Quick Books.
* Reports and exported data are able to be emailed WITHOUT requiring additional fees.
* Ability to view reports from the Android device, sorting the data in a variety of ways.
* Manage reimbursement rates for personal vehicle use.
* Tag Management that allows for creation and deletion of tags and tag groups for association with Expenses, Time and Mileage.
* Extensive users guide built into the application, not requiring web access.
* Backup/Restore to/from your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox to ensure that your data doesn't get lost.
Great application for Expense Reporting and tracking trip expenses when traveling for business.
Once upgraded to the professional version of Expense Manager, there are no additional fees. Most applications charge hidden fees through the use of their servers for report generation; not Expense Manager by BluJ IT.
This fully functional trial of the application can be used for 30 days. If it meets your needs, purchase the professional version (Expense Manager PRO by BluJ IT) from the market.
通过BluJ费用经理则它是商务男性和女性创造缓和的业务相关的项目跟踪,如 费用 , 里程 , 时间 和 付款 的工作或旅行。它已针对允许在整个工作或跳闸这些物品容易进入。一旦旅行或工作完成后,数据可以查看和各种既作为PDF报告和CSV出口方式出口。这些报告和出口然后可以在设备上查看,或通过电子邮件发送给谁需要它们。 CSV导出也非常适合导入应用,如加快和QuickBooks的。
功能 :
*时间跟踪 - 时间,可以直接通过调整项的时间,或通过启动和停止有关条目实时时钟输入。时间输入时钟可以停止并根据需要启动多次,并通过BluJ业务费用管理器将准确地跟踪时间条目的总运行时间。时间跟踪还允许额外的数据,如(工单,标签,分类等)进行跟踪
*付款管理 - 如收到客户付款,他们也可以通过BluJ业务费用管理器中跟踪。这些款项以及到期日可用于自动计算作业状态。
伟大的申请费用报告和跟踪差旅费时, 旅游 的业务。
一旦升级到专业版费用经理中,有 没有额外的费用 。大多数应用程序通过收取使用其生成报表服务器的隐藏费用;不BluJ IT支出管理器。
此应用程序的全功能的试用可以使用30天。如果符合您的需求,从市场购买专业版(费用经理PRO通过BluJ IT)。

Expense IT 更新内容

* For Google Drive, the backup name is now initialized to a combination of the application name and the current date.
* For Dropbox and SD Card backups, added the application name to the initialized backup name.
Bug Fixes:
* Camera makes multiple attempts to focus the receipt image before taking a picture.
* When adding new items to lists, the application will automatically scroll to the new item within the list when returning to the list.

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Android 4.0.3 以上


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