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Morse Code Trainer

Morse Code Trainer

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Morse Code Trainer Morse Code Trainer Morse Code Trainer Morse Code Trainer Morse Code Trainer Morse Code Trainer

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Ever wanted to learn Morse Code? With the Morse Code Trainer app, you can learn Morse Code very easily. This Morse Code app includes simple tools to get you on your way. Morse Code Trainer is the best Morse Code application available on the android market. It is written so that even some of the oldest android devices can use it ( going back to 1.6! ). It is written to be minimalistic so that it can be easily used along with other training tools, such as books or other websites. Choose from either transmitting or receiving to practice your skill and receive immediate feedback on how you are performing. You can also select a custom set of letters to work on so that you can focus on the areas that you are lacking. With the Morse Code Trainer, you will be on your way to proficiency. Best of yet, the Morse Code Trainer is free and does a better job than other paid for trainers out there!

Want to donate or are advertisements bugging you? Buy the DONATION VERSION of this app to support its development. It also doesn't have advertisements in it! Here's the link:


-Letter Training (Both Transmitting and Receiving)
-Word Training (Only Transmitting)
-Free Mode
-Adjustable Speed (WPM)
-Adjustable Tone Frequency
-Adjustable Sound Effects
-Electronic Handbook

Sends me feedback and questions at MCTrainerFeedback@gmail.com or leave a comment below. Hope you enjoy the app.


Morse Code Trainer 更新内容



- Removed unused buttons

- Fixed apostrophe to have the correct code

- Reduced file size


-Disabled rotation of the interface as the app is not meant to be rotated. Several people were referencing it as an issue for other bugs and so the easiest fix is to disable it.

-Altered the options menu's formatting to prevent buttons from being pushed off the bottom of the screen.


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Android 1.6.0 以上
Todd Anderson

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