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Chakra Opening Brainwave Trial

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Chakra Opening Brainwave Trial Chakra Opening Brainwave Trial Chakra Opening Brainwave Trial Chakra Opening Brainwave Trial Chakra Opening Brainwave Trial

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*The Unexplainable Storeis one of the largest paranormal online store founded in 2000. Its focus is on brain frequencies research and it publishes well-recognized products that range from spiritual and health aspects such as lucid dream, headache remedy, weight control, and sleep to brain function and therapeutic recordings such as memory, IQ increase, addiction help, relaxation and depression help.
Now, Imoblife Inc.(DownloadAndroid) are working in collaboration with The Unexplainable Store to develop top-qualified brainwave apps for Android users.*
Chakras are vast (yet confined) pools of energy in our bodies which govern our psychological qualities. There are seven main chakras in all (four in our upper body which govern our mental properties and three in the lower body which govern our instinctual properties).
All of the chakras contribute to a human's well-being. Our instincts would join forces with our feelings and thinking. Some of our chakras are usually not open or not operated excellently, but some are over-active, which caused imbalance among Chakras. If the chakras are not balanced, peace with the self cannot be achieved.
Chakra Opening Brainwave is a brainwave stimulation app that tunes your Chakra frequencies to the most powerful and balanced state and gives you a shift in Spiritual energy. It stimulates each of the seven Chakras with different frequency ranges and predetermined base frequencies, thus providing you an excellent way to stimulate your sensation and spirit after a long stressful day. Compared with other ways of refreshing, it is more thorough in tuning your energy and turning you into a spiritual powerhouse.
The human nervous system is a network connecting the sensory organs to the brain. The Chakras, or energy centers, act as a "pump" which direct spiritual energy through this system. For example, Earth energy is drawn up through your Root Chakra and passed to the Sacral Chakra which is then passed to the Solar Plexus, then the heart, then throat, brow, and finally the crown Chakra. Once energy reaches beyond the crown, experiences and sensations move to realms beyond explanation. The Chakra system is considered by many to be the most important system to work on. It is a base on which most other development is built.
Notable Features of Chakra Opening:
- Professionally built isochronic tones with high sound quality
- Covers each and every chakra and produce deep spiritual progression
- Detailed usage instructions and tips for Chakra Tuning for best user experience
- Well-designed User Interface and animation
- Repeat time and screen auto-lock settings
- Optional visualization patterns to company the brainwave playback
- 专业打造的等时音调高音质
- 涵盖每一个脉轮,并产生深层的精神进展
- 在脉轮调整详细的使用说明和提示,以取得最佳的用户体验
- 精心设计的用户界面和动画
- 重复时间和屏幕自动锁定设置
- 可选的可视化模式,以公司的脑波播放

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