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Hansel and Gretel : Story Time

Hansel and Gretel : Story Time

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Hansel and Gretel : Story Time Hansel and Gretel : Story Time Hansel and Gretel : Story Time Hansel and Gretel : Story Time Hansel and Gretel : Story Time Hansel and Gretel : Story Time

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Hansel and Gretel is an interactive e-book for kids. Two siblings named Hansel and Gretel are lost in the woods. When they come across a house made of candy and chocolate, they think they're saved. But an evil witch lives in that house, and she doesn't take kindly to kids eating her home.
This app is designed for children, with high quality graphics and professional narration by a child, to add to the enjoyment. You can also set it to "Read It Myself" mode for more advanced readers. This book is a source of education and entertainment for your young ones!
This is a FREE interactive kids story book telling app with high quality graphics and audio recorded by children in professional studio to give the greatest perfection.
Story narration is in a child artist's voice. This means more fun for your kids! Very high quality illustrations. Download now and see it yourself..!
The app is designed for children with high quality enjoyable graphics. You can give your Android device to your kids and they can themselves read the entire story. It keeps them busy!
- FREE !
- Kids can either choose to read themselves or be read out by their parents or nanny or baby sitters.
- Toddles can now choose attractive NATIVE voice. The app will read it to them.
- The pages are turned automatically and navigation is simple like the Photo Album.
- They can themselves also view more stories and download free stories.
Long airplane or car ride? Waiting for dining or need concentration on shopping? Load the story and hand it to your kid, let your kid have fun with it!
Optimized for Android Phone and Android Tablets. If the app doesn't work on your device, please send an email to support@teks.co.in We will try to optimize it for your device as Android has wide range of devices. Request you not to post negative comments for this!
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Have an iPhone/iPad or Blackberry Phone or Playbook? We have this same app on other platforms too: Visit http://storytime.teks.co.in for more.
Watch Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYt_EpgyEr8
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- 免费!
- 孩子们可以选择阅读自己或由父母或保姆或保姆读出来。
- 慢条斯理现在可以选择有吸引力的真人发声。该应用程序会读给他们。
- 该网页会自动开启和导航很简单,如相册。
- 他们可以自己也更多的故事和免费下载故事。
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