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aNag is an unofficial Nagios and Icinga client for android devices. The goal of this application is provide to sysadmin an embedded overview of all their Nagios and Icinga monitored infrastructure.It also works with Opsview, at least v4.1.1, probably other version too. If not, mail me, and be prepared to provide me a temporary read only account :) .And now also work with EyesOfNetwork but as for OpsView, be prepared to provide me a temporary read only account for debugging purposes.aNag handles:- multiple Nagios and Icinga instances- no server side modification required (only stock CGI)- self signed / invalid certificate exception on per instance basis- Background auto refresh- Service filtering (acknowledge, scheduled downtimes, disabled notifications and SOFT state) customizable differently for notification and display- Notification (top bar, vibrate, sound) on per severity basis and on update failure- Fine grained notification criteria- Pattern based filtering (regexp, equals, contains, starts with, ends with against server name, service name, services message or a selection)- Quiet hours (global or on weekday basis), Critical only mode (change quiet hours behavior)- Multiple actions available directly in app [on hosts or services]:-* acknowledge (incl. Icinga 1.6+ expirable ack)-* custom notification-* submit passive check-* enable/disable notification-* recheck-* downtime management (set and remove)- Shutdown the application and the update service until manually restarted (eg: for vacations or weekends) using "About" => "Kill app & service"- Widgets (multiple size)- Can warn you even in silent or vibrate mode- Tier 2+ mode available to delay notification based on duration- native gzip support (see note in the FAQ for JSON compression using mode deflate)- Quick auth for basic authentication (reduce request count)- Icinga JSON format (1.6+) (more efficient than standard parsing, even more in conjunction with gzip)I noticed that some preference summaries where truncated on some devices so you can found a complete reference of aNag's preferences with summaries and comments at http://damien.degois.info/android/aNag/settingstree .The complete changelog is available at http://damien.degois.info/android/aNag/changelog .You'll also find all user comments available and associated answers at http://damien.degois.info/android/aNag/usercomments . If you use/like/hate aNag, have comments or just want to write something, feel free to drop me a line, I'm also interested on your usage / setting (number of instances/services, if you use quiet hours, your usual notification settings).Suggestions are also welcome. You can also consider donation at http://damien.degois.info/android/aNag/donate .You can contact me on G+ or take a look on http://plus.google.com/b/110891771493180133546/ .

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Damien Degois



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