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Explorer Live Free Explorer Live Free Explorer Live Free Explorer Live Free Explorer Live Free Explorer Live Free

Explorer Live Free 描述

Browse beautiful photos clicked near your location right from your home screen live wallpaper. Locate them on map to explore the place or open on Flickr to read the story behind them, or simply set a photo as a full-screen wallpaper.
Note this free version has a 60 photos per new location refresh limit, please consider buying the paid version for unlimited refreshes and an option to choose photos based on interestingness on Flickr.
You can:
* Tap a photo to enlarge and set as Android style side-scrollable wallpaper (shows navigation menu for few seconds).
* Tap again to go back to the gallery (multiple photos) view.
* Tap on the Map button on the navigation menu to jump to the location where the photo, currently set as wallpaper, was taken.
* Tap on the Flickr button to jump to the Flickr url of the page and read the story behind the photo currently set as wallpaper.
* Double tap on an enlarged photo (currently set as wallpaper) to hide/show the navigation menu.
* Double tap in gallery view to change currently showing photos.
In addition to the beautiful looks, all photo transitions happen in heart-warmingly smooth animations.
So start exploring new places in your neighborhood or your vacation spot and experience the thrill of an explorer!
Happy exploring.
Tip: If you are low on battery, or you don't need the frequent location updates you can always turn the GPS off by unchecking "Settings->Location and security settings->Use GPS" satellites to conserve the battery.
Note: If your location could not be determined, it shows photos from New York City.
To set as wallpaper, "Long press the home screen->Wallpapers->Live wallpapers->Explorer Live->Set wallpaper"
See site below for more screenshots and details.

Explorer Live Free 更新内容

Fixed unnecessary GPS usage issue.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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