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TM Laser Enigma

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Pure Logic Game. Solve puzzles by

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TM Laser Enigma TM Laser Enigma TM Laser Enigma TM Laser Enigma TM Laser Enigma

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Pure Logic Game. Solve puzzles by guiding a laser beam. #17 in Brain Games Various items on the map can be moved and rotated to change the beams path. It's your task to place them in such a way that all receivers are lit.Maps are hand made, come in increasing level of difficulty and some of them will heavily test your map solving ability.To add a layer of complexity on more difficult maps laser colors can be combined (e.g. red + green = yellow) or split. Key features:- Pure logic game- More than 100 hand made puzzles- Map editor and uploader- Extra maps can be downloaded online- 20+ items to use on maps- From simple to very difficult puzzles to solve- Laser colors can be combined and split- Custom music made for the game- OpenFeint integrated (can be disabled), 20+ achievements- Free TM Laser Enigma is an evolution of initial laser reflection concept (TM.Lazor) where only 1 color of the laser was present. If multicolor looks too difficult at first, try out TM.Lazor and train your skills. There is an in game bonus for installing it too. Map editor is included, you also can send your maps to server.You have to solve 15 maps to enable editor.Detailed instructions are here: http://tmmp.tmouse.info/map-editor-guide/ TM Laser Enigma has got the Best Apps Award!Visit our Facebook fanpage: http://facebook.com/TM.LaserEnigma If You encounter a problem, please send a problem report with android version and email me if possible. I'd like to fix all bugs, but cannot reproduce them sometimes.

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Fixed 'Furniture' map, I'm sorry :)

Map creator fixed, you can change laser colors now

Fixed problems with download of maps of ICS

Optimized layout for tablets

Some things I don't remember

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Android 2.0.0 以上

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