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News on Android™ News on Android™ News on Android™ News on Android™ News on Android™ News on Android™

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Fast, simple and immediate mobile news feed reader for Android™ News!
Choose and read the most famous Android News blogs and sites with your mobile in the fastest way possible.
If you want to stay up to date with what happens in the Android World, newest games and app, updates and reviews, latest stories and use as little time as possible, then this app is what you need!
Android News is a RSS Feed Reader but unlike other news reader apps, it will bring you directly to the news without wasting any time messing around with the user interface or news loading. The user interface is simple and immediate and its focus is on the news. Android News is the best app for the daily reader.
You can disable the feeds that you are not interested in to have only the news from your favorite websites.
Android News will show you the content of these public rss feeds:
* Phandroid
* Android Central
* Android Police
* Android Authority
* Android And Me
* AndroidSpin
* TalkAndroid
* Android Guys
* Land of Droid
* The Android Arcade
* Droid Gamers
* Android Apps
* Android Headlines
* Android Reddit /r/android
* The Verge Android
* Android In Canada
* AndroidOS India
* XDA Developers
If you want another site to be included in the list, please send us an email.
We also appreciate critics and suggestions!
* Very fast and lightweight newsreader app
* User interface is immediate and simple to use
* Optimized for low bandwidth usage and high download speed
* Choose only the websites you want and change their order
* All the updates on Android OS: news, upgrades, top devices like Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Nexus and tablets like Nexus 7, reviews for the best apps and games and much more!
* Share the news with friends through mail, social networks, Facebook, Whatsapp or any other app you have installed.
* The best for the daily reader
Icon contributed by JF Tolaguera
Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated nor related with any of the blogs and sites cited here. The content the app shows comes from publicly available rss feeds and thus the app is not to be held responsible for any of the content displayed.
Android的新闻是一个RSS阅读器,但不像其他新闻阅读器应用程序,它会给你带来直接的消息没有浪费任何时间与用户界面或新闻加载乱搞。用户界面非常简单和直接的和它的重点是新闻。 Android的新闻是每天的读者最好的应用程序。
* Phandroid
* Android的中央
* Android的警察
* Android的权威
* Android和我
* AndroidSpin
* TalkAndroid
* Android的家伙
* Droid的土地
* Android的商场
* Droid的玩家
* Android应用
* Android的标题
* Android的reddit的/ R /安卓
* Android版在加拿大
* AndroidOS印度
* XDA开发者
*对Android操作系统的所有更新:新闻,升级,像银河S4和Galaxy S3或Galaxy Nexus的顶级设备和平板电脑,如Nexus 7,以获得最佳的应用程序和游戏以及更多评论!
图标贡献的JF Tolaguera

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Version 2.1.0:
* More sources: remember to add them from app settings!
* Stability improvements

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