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Clip! Password Manager

Clip! Password Manager

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Clip! Password Manager Clip! Password Manager Clip! Password Manager Clip! Password Manager Clip! Password Manager Clip! Password Manager Clip! Password Manager Clip! Password Manager

Clip! Password Manager 描述

Clip! is a password manger with innovative 'link' and 'chain' features.
With Clip!, you can not only manage accounts and passwords, but also link passwords to your favorite bookmarks and apps.
you can also create shortcuts on the home screen.
When it is tapped, selected app or web page is launched and at the same time, linked password will be copied to the clipboard so that you can immediately paste a text into password field!
'Chain' provides a feature to connect one text item to the next. For example, if you have an email address as account name and a long, secure password, you can create account/password pair in Clip! and "chain" them together.
When you copy the account text into the clipboard using Clip! Password is also prepared in status bar so that you can continuously copy multiple items very quickly!
Passwords are protected by 4 digits PIN. This PIN works as single sign on system and after you login with PIN, you can copy any passwords into the clipboard until logout or time expiration.
Paid license provides advanced AES 128bit database encryption to protect your important information.
・Create password, account and any text database and organize them in folder tree
・Copy data to clipboard through quick access notification icon
・Paste them into any apps and web sites
・Protect secret passwords with 4 digits PIN
・Link apps/bookmarks to passwords. Automatically copy passwords when opening web sites from Clip! or Clip! shortcuts.
・Chain multiple texts such as account, password and more. Next items appears in notification area for easy copy
・Create Apps and Bookmarks shortcuts which are linked with passwords.
・Save clipboard history and import them into database.
・Copy bookmark URL and App's market URL, etc. Share them with your friends.
・Supports Simeji compatible input plug-ins (Maybe Japanese Only?)
[Features (Paid License)]
・Ad free
・AES 128bit security
・Password protection when PIN confirmation failed certain times. Prevent sequential attack.
Q:How to paste from clipboard?
A:Long click any text box in apps and web sites, then choose "Paste"

Clip! Password Manager 更新内容


2012/03/01 v1.5.2

Ad library updates. No functional change.

2012/02/23 v1.5

[Bug Fix]

-Import/Export w/ Dropbox has not been working after Dropbox upgrade

-Could not link passwords with Bookmarks in "All Bookmarks" folder

2012/02/21 v1.4

-Improve battery usage when using Clipboard Watcher

-New preferences option for completely turnning off Clipboard Watcher

-New preferences option to clear clipboard history when logout


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Clip! Password Manager 信息

系统工具 WiFi 浏览器 输入法
Android 2.1.0 以上

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