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GPS Punch! GPS Punch! GPS Punch! GPS Punch! GPS Punch! GPS Punch!

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Having trouble keeping track of your employees in the field and on sales trips? With GPS Punch!, you can use the built-in GPS function on your employees’ smartphones to manage attendance efficiently. As a manager, you will be able to see your employees’ actions like never before!
This app is for you if:
・Your employees just won’t stop slacking off after a sales call.
・You want to see where your staff is right now!
・You want to monitor the efficiency of your workers’ actions.
・You want to manager employee attendance from the palm of your hand.
Recommended for these lines of work:
・Traveling salesmen
・Security work
・Postal work
・Construction work
GPS Punch! Main features:
・Keep location records of staff attendance
・Comment on employee statuses
・Record up to 6 actions: Begin Task, End Task, Take a Break, End Break, In Transit, Office Visit
・View attendance history
・Display travel path in map
・View group member history
How to use:
1. Make an account.
2. Create a new group, or join a group that you were invited to.
- Group managers can invite new members by text message or by email.
(Group managers can also change the access privileges of other users)
- If you receive an invitation, you can accept it using the Group ID inside.
(Please take good care of your Group ID, since it is the same as a password)
3. Tap the Punch In/Punch Out button to start recording your attendance log.
(You can delete your previous post within a 5-minute window of posting)

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Redesigned app and features

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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