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AR Dowsing Rod

AR Dowsing Rod

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AR Dowsing Rod AR Dowsing Rod AR Dowsing Rod AR Dowsing Rod

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AR Dowsing Rod build on your Android☆♪
Since 2009, I've released phantasmal iPhone app "Dowsing Rod" which overwhelmingly ignored all of the world, I know it is a dead horse... howerver it is remade as a Android app!!! Give me a chance!!
Exactly, we call it "AR Dowsing Rod for Android"!
See the future of smartphone!
■Amazing point
Use the same as dowsing rod principle that is "Biofeedback"!(Just feeling.)
See image with using on camera that is like a AR system.
I can make supercalifragilisticexpialidocious app! Can you employ me?
■How to use it the earning a cult following from part of ardent supporter.
The first, boot app, keep straight your phone is displayed || on the panel.
Walking around keep straight your phone.
Direction of arrow in a display shows gradient of device. if the arrows inclines, it is proved to your device incline naturally.
Found someting the direction. Opening the rod, it means someting is there.
Don't touch any button when you keep your device.
The positon and style of button are different from every device, you feel useless.
■Verification Device
Nexus S
Biofeedback is the process of becoming aware of various physiological functions using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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