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Magic Eyes 3 Uni Motion

Magic Eyes 3 Uni Motion

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This is the third episode of the

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Magic Eyes 3 Uni Motion Magic Eyes 3 Uni Motion Magic Eyes 3 Uni Motion Magic Eyes 3 Uni Motion

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This is the third episode of the Magic Eyes in Motion sequel. If you have not tried the first two episodes, search for "Magic Eyes in Motion" on the Market.Due to the low execution speed on my HTC Legend, I choose not to implement cross-eye mode for this game, and hence insert “Uni” in the app name. For those who possess dual-core CPU smart phone and wish to play the game in cross-eye mode, please drop me a note and I will try to compile one and publish here.This game is way much easier to play than the previous two. You will first tap the screen to lift off and start the game. Your ship will automatically cruise forward.Control your fly direction by rotating the phone counter-clockwise to turn left and clockwise to turn right; much like driving a car.Flip the screen with the top edge outward to head down, and the top edge inward to head up. That’s it. Just remember to adjust the pitch (flipping) and roll (rotating) to a comfortable position and orientation before tapping and starting the game.Your mission is to chase and smash the LIS’s (flying objects in colors) on the earth surface. The LIS’s will slowly move toward the spot on the earth directly under the sun, and can freely move on the earth surface or fly up in the sky.Most of the LIS’s, and sometime the sun too, will be masked by the earth. You may tap the screen to “see through” the earth for a short one second to help yourself locate the sun and the LIS’s.The text at the bottom shows you the number of LIS’s been smashed, the fuel of your ship, and the altitude over the earth surface. When the fuel level drops below zero, the game is over and restarts again. When you smash an LIS, you get refuel.Different colors of the LIS’s denote different generations. When an LIS is smashed, it will reappear as a next generation (hence different color) LIS and might equipped with a better escape strategy. The revolution algorithm (roughly) ensures that you will spend more time chasing LIS’s when you play long enough.Have fun playing.The earth map was taken from here:http://mappery.com/map-of/Printable-World-Map-Elevation-WikThe theme was taken from here:http://globalnewsviews.gather.com/viewVideo.action?id=11821949021871952

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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