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GO Launcher EX | ModernWood

GO Launcher EX | ModernWood

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GO Launcher EX | ModernWood 截图

GO Launcher EX | ModernWood GO Launcher EX | ModernWood GO Launcher EX | ModernWood GO Launcher EX | ModernWood

GO Launcher EX | ModernWood 描述

**PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD!! This app is a Theme designed specifically for GO Launcher EX. It does not work with other similar 'Home/Launcher Replacement' apps. If you do not have GO Launcher EX installed on your device, then do a market search and install it first.**---**How to Apply the Theme [These instructions assume you already have GO Launcher EX installed on your device & that you have it set as your default 'Home']:1. Once your download of this Theme is complete, please DO NOT attempt open it immediately or directly! Simply select 'Done' when the app finishes installing to your device, and navigate back to your main home screen.2. Press your device's main 'Menu' button to access the GO Launcher menu. From there,select: 'Themes' to access 'MyThemes'. 3. Scroll horizontally to locate the theme "Modern Wood", select and press 'Apply'.---**Your icons should automatically change once the theme is applied with GO Launcher EX.Some devices may not change the icons automatically. If this happens, follow this additional step:1. Select and hold an app icon located on your home desk screens.(This option is not available in the app list/drawer.)2. Select 'Replace' > Theme's icons.---**The clock widget in text that is shown in screen shot #1 is called 'MIUI Analog Clock' and the clock widget in the last screen shot is called 'mClock'. Both can be found for free download in the Android market.**---Please email issues, questions, requests, etc. I cannot answer questions on comments below.Thank you for your ongoing support of my work! Positive feedback and ratings are greatly appreciated. :)---

GO Launcher EX | ModernWood 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:1.0.1-(2nd)Initial Release- If for some reason you do not see the theme preview (or it's blank) listed with all the others in GO Launcher EX's 'My Themes', please contact me to report it. Thanks

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手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.0.0 以上

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