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Cigano Tablet Edition - demo下载

Cigano Tablet Edition - demo

Cigano Tablet Edition - demo

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Cigano Tablet Edition - demo 截图

Cigano Tablet Edition - demo Cigano Tablet Edition - demo Cigano Tablet Edition - demo

Cigano Tablet Edition - demo 描述

Designed for Honeycomb tablets!
With Cigano you can organize your personal and professional activities, clients, events, and more!
This is a 10 day evaluation version of Cigano. After 10 days the program will cease to function. Also the eval. version is limited to the creation of one database only.
Cigano is a personal mobile database application. Easily create customized databases to organize and store information that is important to you. Take your important information with you where ever you go and access it with just a few touches. Cigano was designed to be easy to use and customizable to your needs.
Easily and quickly create a customized database with the fields that are important to you including:
Singe/Multi-line text fields
Date fields
Address fields
A customizable list of choices
Checkbox fields
Fields for displaying currency
Numerical fields
Notification fields
With just a touch create databases for school, work, or recreation. Organize trips, collections, inventory, sales, events, and just about anything you can imagine.
Cigano builds upon the fun and practicality of using Android smart phones and tablets.
Your database records can be clearly viewed and navigated in the form view. Creating and deleting records is as easy a click of the finger tip. Editing a fields value is also easily done from the form view by clicking the edit icon to the right of the field's value. It couldn't be simpler!
The tablet version also includes features to filter your data by various criteria helping you to get to exactly the records you're most interested in. In addition you can backup your databases to external storage for safe keeping.

Cigano Tablet Edition - demo 更新内容

Added feature to change size of field labels. Plus, minor bug fixes.

Cigano Tablet Edition - demo 历史版本

Cigano Tablet Edition - demo 使用技巧

Cigano Tablet Edition - demo 信息

Android 3.0.0 以上

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