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Access the latest sci-fi entertainment news anytime, anywhere. Blastr is the all-in-one source for breaking information from the world of science fiction TV, movies, games, comics and more. The Blastr app connects you with Blastr's arsenal of photos, trailers, interviews and stories, allowing you to share, discuss and even save them for offline viewing. Blastr is available for Android phones & tablets.
Blastr is powered by the Syfy Digital Network.
The Blastr App has been re-built from the ground up! Our new and improved app features:
• New design — Not only does the app have a whole new look, but it’s also easier to find and save all our content.
• Trending Topics – Monitor the pulse of sci-fi pop culture and see what topics are currently most popular on Blastr.
• Search – Search functionality means you can instantly find the content you are looking for.
• Format Text – Adjust the size of your text and display settings to match your preferences.
• Speed Reading – An entirely new way to absorb Blastr content. Read stories rapidly by assimilating several phrases or sentences at once.
• User Profile — Sign in with either your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts to create your user profile where you can…
• Bookmark Stories – Save stories to your user profile for quick access and offline reading.
• Follow Comments – Follow a conversation or post, and the app will notify you via the user profile when new comments are added.
• Follow Topics – Only care about Star Wars? Now you can subscribe to specific topics. The app will notify you via the user profile every time a new story has been added to that topic.
• Overall Performance Enhancements — Better. Faster. Stronger. More Productive.
访问最新的科幻娱乐新闻随时,随地。 Blastr是所有功能于一身的来源从科幻电视,电影,游戏,漫画和更多的世界最新信息。该Blastr应用与照片,拖车,采访和故事Blastr的武器库连接你,让你分享,讨论,甚至将其保存以供离线观看。 Blastr可用于Android手机和平板。
•新的设计 - 不仅应用程序有一个全新的面貌,但它也更容易找到并拯救我们的所有内容。
•热门话题 - 监视科幻流行文化的脉搏,看到的是什么样的话题当下最流行的Blastr。
•搜索 - 搜索功能意味着您可以立即找到你正在寻找的内容。
•文本格式 - 调整的文本和显示设置大小,以匹配您的喜好。
•速读 - 吸收Blastr内容的全新方式。迅速被同时吸收一些短语或句子读故事。
•用户信息 - 拍在与或者您的Facebook,Twitter或谷歌帐户创建用户配置文件,你可以...
•收藏故事 - 故事保存您的用户个人资料,以便快速访问和离线阅读。
•跟随评论 - 按照谈话或交的,当添加新的评论,应用程序将通过用户配置文件通知您。
•按照主题 - 只关心星球大战?现在,您可以订阅特定主题。该应用程序将通过用户配置文件每一个新的故事已经被添加到该主题时通知您。
•总体性能增强 - 更好。快点。更强。更富有成效。

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