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Video Uploader to Facebook下载

Video Uploader to Facebook

Video Uploader to Facebook

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Video Uploader to Facebook 截图

Video Uploader to Facebook Video Uploader to Facebook Video Uploader to Facebook Video Uploader to Facebook Video Uploader to Facebook Video Uploader to Facebook

Video Uploader to Facebook 描述

Allows you to upload videos directly to your Facebook account, events, or pages that were recorded from your phone. After a video is uploaded it will also be posted to the wall. You can select your privacy settings for the uploaded video ensuring the correct people see it.
Video to Facebook is THE MUST HAVE APP for any video uploading with over 2 million downloads!
Contact developer via email for help. Please note that the app cannot control the upload speed, it is restricted to your data connection and can take awhile depending on the size of the video. If you are having troubles signing in, contact the developer for some tips. If no error is reported during upload and you do not see the video posted to your wall, you may have to manually post it.
This application does not retrieve or store any information from Facebook other than video limits imposed. This application is not affiliated with Facebook.
视频到Facebook是MUST HAVE的APP任何视频上传超过200万的下载!

Video Uploader to Facebook 更新内容

Version 2.3
- Post videos to events
- Upgrade to latest Facebook API
Version 2.2.5
- Support for external storage
Version 2.2.4
- Individual permission prompts for Facebook
Version 2.2
- ICS theme enhancements
- Force Close fixes
Version 2.1.1
- Force Close fixes for Android 1.6 users
Version 2.1
- Queue enhancements including displaying currently uploading item with a progress bar.
- Performance Enhancements
- Force Close Fixes
- Bug fixes

Video Uploader to Facebook 历史版本

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Video Uploader to Facebook 信息

影音播放 视频
Android 2.3.2 以上
Matt Hawley

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