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HD live wallpaper

HD live wallpaper

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HD live wallpaper HD live wallpaper HD live wallpaper HD live wallpaper HD live wallpaper HD live wallpaper

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KissPhoto HD Live Wallpaper www.kissphoto.net ▶ About the application Kissphoto is Big Photo Club.(www.kissphoto.net) This application is using the Best of the Kissphoto's photos as live wallpaper. Kissphoto's Live wallpaper is updated daily by new best photos. You can upload your photos to Kissphoto.netIf your photo chosen by people to best photo, your photo will be updated in application and can be displayed in everyone's live wallpaper. If you are interested in photos then upload your photos to Kissphoto.net :) ▶ application introduce > You can set background images with photo club, KISSPHOTO's BEST PHOTO.> Update to a weeks interval with KISSPHOTO's BEST PHOTO. (we will upgrade this app. and it'll be update to a day.)> You can upload your photo to our app. if you join our photo club, KISSPHOTO. ▶ How to use 1. push background2. select 'background'3. select 'live wallpaper'4. select KISSPHOTO live wallpaper5. push set background ▶ Application Settings Description 1. You can change photo displaying time to 1-3 seconds. 2. All your favorite pictures in the photo can be copied as a favorite, and only favorite photos can be set to live wallpaper. ▶ Customer Support If you have any recommendations or uncomfortable in use Customer support and photo community sites: http://www.kissphoto.net Blog: http://blog.naver.com/kissphoto E-mail: tb@syn.kr Please contact us through. Will answer quickly. Thank you. ※ This application is supported andeuroyideuman.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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