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AlbumCamera(free version) 截图

AlbumCamera(free version) AlbumCamera(free version) AlbumCamera(free version) AlbumCamera(free version) AlbumCamera(free version)

AlbumCamera(free version) 描述

2011/04/25 The function of the automatic focus is corrected For GalaxyS and HTC Desire
(*)As for a free version, the image capacity is limited to 3MB.
The application program that affixes and saves the comment in the image of which it takes a picture with the camera.
It is possible to transmit by appending the image and starting the mail application program.The version of supported OS is 2.0 or more.
In an optional setting of the application program, you can change five items.
(1)Change in preview resolution when taking a picture.
(The resolution that can be selected from information on display of your node is acquired)
(2)Change in saving resolution when taking a picture.
same of (1)
(3)It is on or off of the auto focus.
(4)Change quality in saving image.
(value of quality is between from 1 to 100)
(5)Change in language used in application program.
(Japanese and English can be selected. Default is Japanese.)
(How to operate)
This application program consists of the following six screens.
(1)Start menu screen
The menu item can be started and each function be started by touching.
・Viewing images→It changes to (2).
・Starting the camera→It changes to (3).
・Editing your album→It changes to (5).
・Changing the setting→It changes to (6).
・Optimizing the DB→DB in the application program is optimized. Please execute it according to suitable timing.
(2)Album inspection screen
・When the image exists.
It touches lightly the display→The comment and information to the image are displayed.
It moves from the left to the right touching on the display→The following image is displayed.
It moves from the right to the left touching on the display→The previous image is displayed.
(The menu button is pressed)
To Menu screen→It changes to (1).
Attaching the image to an e-mail message→Attaching image on the display and it changes to the selection screen of the mail application program.
(3)Camera preview screen
The camera starts. After it takes a picture by touching, Saving temporary image.
After a while, it changes to (4).
(4)Screen where temporary image is displayed
Viewing temporary image what you take on (3)
There is the EditText that inputs the comment on the image under temporary image.
There is a limitation (255 characters or less and the number of lines 10 lines) in the input of the comment.
・Button under screen
 Touching to Saving images button→After saving image, It changes to (1)
 Touching to Take a photo again button→It changes to (3).
(5)Album edit screen
・When the image exists.
 Only existing displays image information set[information,image,EditText that inputs the comment,checkbox for delete].
 It is displayed up to five per page 1.
 When six images or more are saved, to next page button is displayed.
 When the previous page exists, to prev page button is displayed.
 Touching to next page button→It changes to (5)
 Touching to prev page button→It changes to (5)
・Button under screen
  Touching execute button→Updating to comment for the image by EditText that inputs the comment and the image to make the deletion check box effective is deleted.
(6)Screen of setting change
・Language setting
 Touching spinner object.
・Preview resolution
 Touching spinner object.
・Resolution of images saved
 Touching spinner object.
・Autofocus Setting
 On or off Either touch of radiobutton.
・Picture Quality
 After the slider is traced right and left touching, it separates.
・Button under screen
 Touching Saving the setting button→The value has been selected by each item is saved→It changes to (1).
(Guidelines for Application)
・It reduces when inspecting it in the album even if the image is saved by a large resolution and it is displayed.
therefore Please saves it by a small resolution when it is not a usage appended with mail.
It is not possible to delete from the application program, and delete it from the SD card, please when it is unnecessary.

AlbumCamera(free version) 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:2011/04/25 The function of the automatic focus is corrected For GalaxyS and HTC Desire

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AlbumCamera(free version) 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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